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Vintage Hand Crafted Apothecary Tables

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Vintage HandMade Tables

Part I

This post is less about a project and more about the decision before the project.  I have found myself in a predicament and would like your input.  I have this pair of very old, vintage handmade tables.  They are solid wood, with dovetail cubby drawers . The tables appear to be hand made due to the visibly hammered nails in parts.Apothecary tables Continue reading Vintage Hand Crafted Apothecary Tables

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Vintage Lingerie Chest Turned Gray

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Vintage Lingerie Chest Makeover

This vintage lingerie chest was in very nice shape when I purchased it.  I’m sure there are many people who would like it in its original condition and would say “don’t paint it” but I beg to differ.  By painting it, it becomes that much more unique and instead of appealing to the masses, wherever/whoever they are, it appeals to the one person who will put it in her home. At the end of the day, I think that is the only person who truly matters!

The Before – Unfinished Vintage Lingerie Chest

painted lingerie chest, vintage lingerie chest, staten island, unfinished lingerie chest, nyc

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lingerie chest, green painted furniture, staten island

Shades of Green Painted Lingerie Chest

Painted Lingerie Chest in Shades of Green

I am a sucker for a painted lingerie chest, and I absolutely love redesigning them. They are often hard to find. This chest was no different. I accidentally stumbled upon it when I was purchasing something completely different. It’s always fun when a seller says “Oh, by the way, I have this too” and then leads you through a home, sometimes twists and turns down hallways and stairs and you start to wonder if it’s a good idea to follow. Thoughts of being dropped in a well in a basement by a man with a small dog start to wander through your mind. But I quickly push those silly thoughts aside and follow along. It’s like playing treasure hunt and you don’t know if what they are about to show you will be a bust or the golden ticket of vintage furniture.  In this case, it led to this vintage lingerie chest. Score!

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Thin Blue Line Painted Tables

Thin Blue Line Tables

Thin Blue Line Painted Tables

A Little History

Have you heard of the thin blue line? Do you know what it means? What it stands for? Have you ever heard “my blood bleeds blue”.   The simple-looking emblem has multiple meanings, all arising from the same concept: police officers stand as the thin line that protects society from good and evil, chaos and order.   To some, the thin blue line emblem simply means a show of support for police, acknowledging the role they play in society. To others, it represents the solidarity and brotherhood that police officers share as fellow professionals.  thin blue line, painted furniture, charity, nypd,

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Stencil & Seafoam China Cabinet

Sea Foam & Stencil China Cabinet

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Grandma’s China Cabinet Makeover

This china cabinet started off like any standard vintage piece that we may have seen at grandmas.  In this case, that’s exactly what this was..  it belonged to my customer’s grandmother.  She wanted to keep the piece but since it was outdated and didn’t flow with her updated home, not to mention that her husband absolutely HATED the hardware, the china cabinet needed a makeover.  vintage china cabinet, unfinished china cabinet, vintage furniture, staten island

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