Metallic French Provincial Dresser

Metallic French Provincial Painted Dresser

A Metallic French Provincial Painted Dresser & A Clumsy Painter

Here’s a little story about a clumsy furniture painter and a custom metallic French Provincial Painted Dresser.
A little comic relief.   It’s Friday night- “family time”.   All I want to do is sneak down to my shop and get one top coat on this amazing dresser that I’m working on.  Some pieces haunt me, some tease me, some anger me and some excite me. This one has me excited and eager to finish. I’m so close.  

The Woooops

If I disappear my hubby will kill me. He’s putting the kids to bed and I still need a shower. I say I’m going to take a shower downstairs with full intentions of sneaking back into my shop first, hoping he won’t notice and then jump in the shower.   Well, one step down the stairs and I somehow slip, tumble, fall. slide, and Bounce!  I was just beating myself up earlier today, saying that I need to lose a good 30 lbs or so. Tonight that extra cushion on my bum just saved me from further damage and possibly broken bones. I yelled and probably sounded like an earthquake of sorts.   My hubs and kids came running wondering what they were about to find as I lay at the bottom of the stairs on the verge of tears and almost laughing but not quite. My hubs is asking in a panic if I’m ok..  “is anything broken? Should I call someone? Do you need to go to the hospital?”  It was a moment of pure insanity (When all calmed down he had the audacity to ask if I broke any of the stairs) The kids at the top of the stairs asking if mommy is ok.  My two year old asked if mommy fell on her hiney or her face.  My 4 yr old inspects my elbow for a boo boo. He suggested a band-aid that bends to fix it.   After a few minutes things calm down, Brian gets the kids to bed and I still manage to sneak to my shop.  Clearly, I don’t take a hint to call it a night.  But I merely snapped a few photos and decided to turn out the lights and take my bruised bum to the shower. The dresser isn’t finished yet but here are a few photos of the stunner that drove me to injury. I’ll be sure to update once she’s all done.  

Meet the Artist

Hello, this is me.

Hey, there and welcome to my blog!  I’d like to introduce myself.

Just the Woods / owner/ artist/ blogger / mom / wife / veteran/ retail partner Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint
Just me. It’s no surprise there’s paint on my face

I’m Kandice – I’m a mom of two wild, happy, loud and full of energy little ones (Jackson-6 and Layla-4) – I feel I need to update this as they keep growing on me. You will surely hear about them, here and there if you follow along.  I’m a Navy veteran- I served 5 years active duty in an FA-18A fighter jet squadron down in Virginia back in the 90’s, and then a few years in the reserves afterward.  I’m a wife to my supportive husband who is often my muscle for heavy items and thief of my tools. Lastly, I’m the artist behind Just the Woods, LLC.  For those who know me,  or those who have met me for the first time when picking up a piece,  or even out and about- I’m often covered and I mean COVERED in paint.  My clothes, my hands, my arms and sometimes even my face.  Some would say (*my husband would say) I look like a hot mess, but that’s ok because my little ones are fed, bathed, dressed and happy.  I can be a little all over the place.  Sometimes I think I have so many ideas in my head that I can’t keep up with myself.

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