Just the Woods, LLC – Not Your Grandma’s Tables

Shabby Black Painted End Tables with Decoupaged Drawers

Hey there!  We’ve all seen the plain, boring, simple wood end tables.  There’s really nothing special about them..  at all. They wouldn’t even get a second look, until now.  These came to me in pretty rough shape.  They were beaten up, scratched up, dented and dinged.unfinished pine end tablesIn an attempt to save all or some of the wood grain on top I sanded them down.  Even after sanding them they still had some imperfections due to the beaten they had taken in their previous life.sanded tops of end tables

I was committed to making them beautiful again.  I tossed and turned on ideas for these little ladies, I originally planned to keep them relatively simple.  But we all know how plans change.  I planned to line the inside of the drawers, until I realized that the drawers were the only thing in perfect clean condition.  You know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” . Continue reading Just the Woods, LLC – Not Your Grandma’s Tables

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Painting During Naps- Strike a Pose Leggy Lady

Bold Teal Sofa Table

Hey there!  The beauty of painted furniture is that each piece has a backstory of sorts, whether it’s history before it comes to me or even a story after it comes to me.  This leggy lady has a story once it came into my possession.  As soon as she arrived I knew that there was no way I would paint over the gorgeous wood grain pattern on top.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – not everything needs paint and some things really should be preserved.   At first glance, she is very plain, but she’s dying to shine!hall table top Continue reading Painting During Naps- Strike a Pose Leggy Lady


Night at the Opera Painted Vanity

A Night at the Opera Painted Vanity

Hey there!  Who doesn’t like the opera?  I have to admit – the closest I’ve been to the opera has been “Phantom of the Opera”.  but still…  who doesn’t like the idea of the opera. The glamor of it all, the drama, the history, the age, the music.  It has such a powerful feeling all around.   The opera has been around for ages, which makes this piece a bit comedic since it’s not even an antique.  It was originally made by The Bombay Company (which has only been around since the 1970s).

bombay co desk
Continue reading Night at the Opera Painted Vanity

Navy Pride Decoupaged Vintage Cabinet

Anchors Aweigh Navy Pride Vintage Cabinet

Anchors Aweigh Navy Cabinet

Way back, many years ago I served in our great Navy. It was five years spent traveling, and making friends and really growing up. It was one of the best times of my life. This makeover is a little nostalgic to me for that main reason.  I’m sharing this Navy Pride cabinet for a couple of reasons.  Aside from it being slightly personal to me, it’s also not often that you see a ‘masculine’ piece of painted furniturevintage cabinet, navy pride, masculine furniture, painted furniture

It was originally a basic, vintage cabinet with a shelf inside.  Ideal for a small area and versatile enough to use as a table or cabinet. Perfect for a man cave to hide your hooch, cigars, man magazines (hunting, fishing – not the naughty kind!), TV remote control, etc.   It had really beautiful trim around the edges that I wanted to preserve. Continue reading Anchors Aweigh Navy Pride Vintage Cabinet


Just the Woods, LLC – Save the Hardware

Hey there! Lets chat about hardware.  Old, dirty, vintage hardware. The kind that looks black because it has so many years of funk built up on it.  Yes, I said funk!  But hiding underneath those layers of grime is usually something wonderful. I often get a customer who automatically says “I want new hardware” , they don’t even look twice at the existing hardware.  Check out these old dirty handles…  Continue reading Just the Woods, LLC – Save the Hardware