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Vintage Painted Blue Buffet

Vintage Painted Blue Buffet

One china cabinet into two makeovers!  Woohoo. There is something special and regal about a painted blue buffet.  I can’t quite put my finger on it but I love it none the less. This buffet was originally part of a full-size china cabinet.  I separated the top from the bottom for two completely different makeovers.  If you missed what I did with the top half you can check it out here.

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Wood Burned Stacking Tables by Just the Woods

Wood Burning Toasted Oak Stacking Tables

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Wood Burning Toasted Oak Tables

Materials Needed:

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This is my first attempt at wood burning and I decided to use these tables that have been sitting in my inventory.  These solid oak stacking tables are so cute, solid wood and plain honey brown, they have great wood grain and nice details on the legs.  Without a doubt, they have a rustic charm to them so I decided to toast them up.  We have a cabin up in the Catskills and I can’t help but imagine them in someone’s log cabin or country home, maybe fireside in a cozy chair curled up with a book and a hot drink next to you on these tables.  A girl can dream. Continue reading Wood Burning Toasted Oak Stacking Tables

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The Ceiling is Too Low for this China Cabinet

Painted China Cabinet

My shop ceiling is a bit short. It can become an issue when someone wants a tall armoire finished or painted china cabinet. My first question is always “how tall is it?” So, naturally, when my client contacted me regarding having her china cabinet painted I had to measure to make sure that it would fit.  Clearly, as you can see it’s huge.  She also assured me that the top separated from the bottom, so I decided that we are in the clear, and the makeover is a go. Once it arrived I could see that in all it’s enormous glory it is also gorgeous. It’s solid wood, well made, wonderful curves but it has seen better days.unfinished china cabinet, large china cabinet painted china cabinet

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A Curvy Girl with Secrets Bombe Chest

Curvy Girl With Secrets Bombe Chest

It seems those warm days of December are behind us and the bitter cold has hit us here in New York City.  What’s the weather where you are?  It was a whopping 2 degrees this morning and 27 the other day when I ran to storage to pull a bombe chest from inventory.

Here’s me taking a little stash shot selfie on a cold and windy day. (Can you tell I turned 40 this week?  eeek)  And can you see all the pretties behind me? A little cold can’t keep me away! haha.  I had a few days until my next custom was being dropped off so I pulled out an adorable, curvy bombe chest that has been patiently waiting for a makeover.

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Staging / Home Decor:
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Grandma’s Vintage Curio Cabinet Makeover

Grandma’s Vintage Curio Cabinet Makeover

All too often we have a piece of furniture with sentimental value. A curio cabinet, china cabinet, bedroom set or rocker. Maybe it’s been passed down within the family for generations, or holds value simply because there’s a memory attached to it. To someone else, it may seem like just a piece of furniture, but to one person it means so much more.  For example, I have a rocking chair in my bedroom that has been in my family for years, I was rocked to sleep in it as a baby, and I’ve rocked my babies to sleep in it. I removed multiple layers of paint from it nearly 20 years ago, sanded and stained it. I will never get rid of it simply for the sentimental value. Do you have something in your home that means the world to you?

This is the case with my customer’s grandmother’s curio cabinet. She has been holding on to this vintage bow front curio cabinet for some time. She loves it and it has sentimental value, but it simply didn’t go with anything in her home.  The plan is to give it an updated look while still keeping a piece of her family history.vintage curio, bow front curio cabinet, vintage furniture, grandmas furniture Continue reading Grandma’s Vintage Curio Cabinet Makeover