Hand Painted Dresser with Decoupaged Drawers by Just the Woods

Vintage Painted Dresser with Surprise Drawers

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Vintage Painted Dresser with Surprise Drawers

I have to tell you that I have had this dresser in my inventory for quite some time.  It was actually reserved at one point to be customized and then became available again, no one seemed to want it.  I feared that no one could see it’s potential, at least not the potential that I could see for it.  I also had no intentions of refinishing this dresser when I did. But I scooped up an ornate buffet knowing I had no space for it, forcing me to pull this dresser out.  It had so many scratches from being moved around so much, other pieces stacked on top of it, etc. Take a look at the condition it was in when I pulled it from inventory.

Chunky Vintage Dresser, unfinished dresser,

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Antique Victorian Parlor Table Makeover

Victorian Style Antique Parlor Table Makeover

This Victorian style antique parlor table was brought to me by my customer, Wayne, with a tremendous story and family history.  It originally belonged to his great grandparents who were married in 1893 in Missouri and then traveled by covered wagon to Indiana, where his great grandfather (shown in the photo below) was the justice of the peace as well as the town Marshall. The family bible, also shown in the photos below, along with the table were given to Wayne’s grandparents, who later passed them to his parents and then to Wayne and his wife Maria, where they plan to use it to display their family bible.Antique, Parlor Table, vintage furniture, save wood grain, antique table, staten island
Materials Needed:
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My Confession, Need for Balance & Simple Ramblings

I will tell you first and foremost that this post is not about furniture, it’s more personal than that.  I won’t be mad if you decide to exit the page now but if you’d like to stick around I think you may be able to relate.   This past weekend was Mothers Day and I hope all the moms, grandmothers, step mothers, acting moms and any type of person who puts another person ahead of themselves had a chance to relax, be appreciated for all that you do and spend it with loved ones.

I spent Mother’s Day with my hubby and little ones and we had a great day.  I am thankful for them every single day, but I confess that I also feel “mommy guilt” nearly every day.  I know that these two wonderful little people love me to death no matter what I do, and I probably beat myself up more than I should. I never feel like I can give them enough.  As a woman, like many of us I wear many hats – I help (along with hubby) to maintain the home, I am mom, I run this business, keep up this blog and I have a full time job.  I know I never mention the other job because I often feel that it is irrelevant to my blog and business but it is part of my life and a contributing factor to my lack of sleep. Would you believe that I get home at 3 am each night?  I never feel like I am able to give 100% to the kids or hubby or my business or my job or MYSELF. I often feel like a hot mess, unorganized, scattered and distracted. I keep a calendar to write things down and if I don’t write it down it nearly doesn’t exist in my world.

With these little factors I think I, as well as all of us, need to make sure to take the time to take care of ourselves and keep our priorities in line because so quickly we can drown in the overwhelming daily life.  I’d like to share with you below the best Mother’s Day gift that I received this past weekend.

I’d love it if you scrolled down to the bottom and shared in the comments how you spent your Mother’s Day or even your own tips for maintaining balance while wearing many hats.



How to Get Crisp Paint Lines

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How to Get Crisp Paint Lines

By now I’m guessing or hoping that you guys have seen a few of the thin blue line pieces that I’ve done. This is another, but rather than focus on the thin blue line aspect I’d like to focus on something else.  If you don’t yet know the meaning behind the thin blue line you can read about it in a past post here. I’d like to talk about tape, and crisp paint lines and maybe a little about a smooth finish as well. Let’s go!

The Before

I actually bought this desk with the hutch but my customer only wanted the desk portion. I figured it was not a problem, sometime down the road I can build a base for the hutch and turn it into a bookcase of some sorts.

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