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Antique Storage Chest To Toy Box Makeover by Just the Woods

Antique Storage Chest to Custom Toy Box

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Antique Storage Chest To Toy Box Makeover

Materials Needed/ Source List:

When I bought this storage chest I was told that it was over 100 years old and hand made. I decided that with a little work I could turn it into a toy box for my little ones.  Their current toy box area is a complete eyesore and this would also open up the opportunity to purge some of the plastic “crap” that has accumulated over time.  I’m sure any mom of little kids can relate!

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Custom Angelic Blue Painted Sideboard

Custom Angelic Blue Painted Sideboard

Can we just start with how amazing the details are in this Thomasville painted sideboard and the amazing story behind it?

The Back Story – my furniture angel

His name was Doug and he saved me and my aching back. I made arrangements via text with someone, a random phone number really to purchase a large sideboard/ buffet/ server/ hutch. I had no idea who I was communicating with but they told me that I would be meeting up with their friend Doug at the location. When I arrived Doug pulled up in his leather jacket, shaved head, and beard. He looked like he should’ve jumped off a Harley. We chatted as I examined the buffet and as he helped me load it into my truck I jokingly said that I need to take him with me to unload since it’s so heavy. Without a second thought, Doug asked where I was heading and offered to come with me to help me unload. I told him that I was only joking but I wholeheartedly appreciated and accepted his offer. Once the piece was loaded and tied down Doug jumped into the passenger seat of my truck and accompanied me to my storage unit. Once there he helped me shuffle some items inside, load the new piece in and take others out. He was so patient, waiting while I snapped a quick photo and then we left. He had me drop him off nearby and wouldn’t accept anything more than the price of the piece itself. I would never recommend letting strangers jump in your vehicle but it worked for me and Doug was my furniture angel that day.

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How to Clean, Prep & Paint Hardware with Just the Woods

How to Clean, Prep & Paint Hardware

Keep that Vintage Hardware

I’ve been working on a custom Thomasville piece for the past two weeks and the last step of the makeover was to paint the hardware.  We (my customer and myself) decided it was best to keep the original vintage hardware to the piece,  and why not? The old hardware is more often than not made very well, has great details, and often suits the piece perfectly.  Understandably there are cases where a piece requires new knobs and pulls and that’s ok too, but I am a huge fan of holding on to original hardware when possible.  I decided to do a step by step on my process.

The Before

Here is a glimpse of the hardware taken right off the piece.  It has many years of dirt and grime but they are solid quality pulls. How to Clean hardware, vintage hardware, how to paint hardware, paint hardware, just the wodos

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Baby Safe Products! Hand Painted High Chair

Vintage High Chair

I was so happy when my customer contacted me and put her trust in me to paint her grandson’s high chair. It’s a good thing I only use non-toxic, VOC free, 100% safe products which are so important especially when it comes to our little ones. I sure wouldn’t want to eat off of something filled with toxic chemicals if I can help it and I’m guessing you wouldn’t either. It may not even be something we put much thought into in our day to day, but still important none the less.Hand Painted Vintage High Chair with Baby Safe Products
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