Behind the Scenes & Brutally Honest

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I’d like to do a ‘behind the scenes’ post.  This is not at all about complaining but merely explaining that in this business there is rarely an easy piece.  There are unforeseen issues, mishaps, surprises and things that are out of our control.  This piece is my entry piece for the Fab Furniture Flippin contest for the month of November but it didn’t seem suitable to put this info in that post. So I’m considering this a spin off post.11012090_960271470696978_6216599733270876310_n

For starters I’ll mention that I always try to select quality, solid wood and vintage pieces but in this particular case when I went to buy this vanity I was told that it was wood.  When I arrived I noticed that it was in fact press wood.  Like a fool, I felt bad and bought it anyway.

small vanity

I considered reselling it ‘as is’ and just move on, but a friend suggested posting it because people love vanities and its cute.  So I posted and right away someone was interested.  I told my customer from the start that the piece is not solid wood and therefor not the same higher end quality as the pieces that I usually provide.  As it turned out, that was fine for her because it was for her young daughter and worked perfectly.  Win win..  so I thought.


We decided on colors, design plan, etc.  I had cute crystal knobs in my shop that we decided to use and the fabric for the seat was part of the contest so we were all set.  I disassembled the mirror, the frame, and drawer.  She was painted up all pretty and the vanity was ready to be put back together.  1


As I put the cute knobs on the drawer one broke!! Since I only had 2 in my stash I had to go online and order more.  Not too bad, since these things happen.. Then on to the stool.  As I put the cushion back on to the frame – the frame split!!  Oh no! I could cry!!



There was no way to quick fix this..  I need to make sure that its a safe place for a little girl to sit.  So the next step was to take the stool frame apart and trace the frame pieces on to a piece of wood.   Once they were all traced out new pieces were cut with a jig saw.  But if anyone has used a jig saw you know that it doesn’t give a smooth, clean cut.  I have a lot of tools in my shop and every time I think I have all the tools I could possibly need something happens to prove me wrong.


Now I need a spindle sander to get nice smooth edges on the wavy design..  Off to order..  Woahhh  $139.99?  sighhhh  Ordered.

6 The spindle sander worked great and the edges were smoothed out just right.  Once all the pieces were smooth it was time to put the frame together.  It was rebuilt to mimic the original frame.


Next I needed holes in the frame to secure the seat cushion to the frame..  Uh oh another surprise..  The holes are small and the wood is narrow, I dont want the hole to go on an angle at all.  The slightest angle could really make things go bad..  again..  So it seems a drill press is required – which I dont have..   Time to go order…  Again!


The drill press worked as needed and the holes went in perfectly straight.  *Note – I dont have man hands, I admit I had a little help with this part.

4 3

So at the end of it all the stool went back together, and the end result was adorable.  It was ready to go home to its new owner.12195904_960271204030338_6506473329989380110_n pink ponies vanity12189770_960271157363676_2101935554483960995_n

Once the piece was posted and my customer saw the photos she loved it.  Her response was heartwarming..  and THAT is what makes all the surprises, issues, problems, and mishaps worth it!  8Thankfully all pieces don’t have so many issues, but there are almost always a little something, here or there.  For a piece to go smoothly and perfectly from start to finish is actually extremely rare.  So I’d like to end with the fact that I am eternally grateful for each and every one of my customers, first timers, repeat customers and referrals.  I truly do my best to provide the best quality that I possibly can <3 artist