How to Make a DIY Floral Vase with Decorative Tin

DIY Floral Vase with Decorative Tin

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DIY Floral Vase with Decorative Tin

Materials Needed

In case you haven’t been following me, I recently attended Haven conference in Atlanta.  Haven is a bloggers conference for DIYers, you can read about it here if you’d like. At Haven , the sponsors provided many goodies in the ‘swag bag’, including this pair of tin snips or tin snip scissors. How to Use Tin Snips

For this simple DIY tutorial, I will show you how I added a little fancy flair to a simple glass vase.

The Project

This project is perfect for adding an added personal touch to your floral arrangements. How to add Decorative Tin to a plain vase

All you need is a vase, a pair of tin snips and a sheet of decorative aluminum.  There are many different patterns to choose from.

DIY project with tin snips

Measure the height of your vase. How to Add Decorative Tin to a Floral Vase

Next measure your tin. DIY Floral Vase

Cut a straight line along your tin. DIY with Decorative Tin sheets

Since the sheets are flat you will need to curl it a bit to wrap around your vase.  Make sure to trim the other end leaving enough to clasp them together.

DIY with Decorative Tin sheets

To clasp the ends together, simply fold one edge. DIY Floral Vase with Aluminum Sheets

Nest, hook the other end inside the folded edge.  Once hooked together you can press and flatten the seam closer to the vase. By doing this you are also locking the rough cut edge on the inside.DIY Using Decorative Tin

Easy Peasy.  Your vase has now been fancied up a bit and you can add your floral arrangement. How to make a floral vase casing with Decorative Tin by Just the Woods

The Result

DIY Floral Vase with Decorative Tin

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