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How to Get Farmhouse White Painted Furniture

How to Get Farmhouse White Painted Furniture when you have Bleed Through

Do you love the look of white painted furniture but fear the wrath of the evil bleed through? To be honest, I tend to avoid the whites in general when possible because the idea of a white painted dresser sometimes makes me nervous. There is often the fear of bleed through, specifically when starting with a dark wood. But when you think farmhouse style it’s often tied to white painted furniture. This dresser is a prime example of what I’m talking about. farmhouse-white-painted-furniture, white painted dresser, staten island, white painted furniture

The Unfinished Vintage Drexel Dresser

This vintage dresser is originally made by Drexel, is solid wood, has bow front, dovetail drawers, and dark wood that taunts me with its promise to bleed through regardless of what paint color I intend to use. A simple trick when dealing with bleed through issues is to add a glaze over the paint which won’t necessarily conquer or hide the bleed through but will simply mask it. Somewhat like a band-aid, or the whole ‘if you can’t beat ’em then you may as well join ’em’ type of solution. Don’t get me wrong, even that isn’t 100% foolproof, but it’s certainly easier than tackling bleedthrough head on. I won’t be adding glaze to this project, but still wanted to note the tip 😉drexel, drexel dresser, vintage dresser, vintage furniture, painted dresser

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Prepping a Dark Wood Dresser for White Paint

To get started I managed to get this dresser out of inventory before the oncoming snow storm that was threatening the northeast. And since the top is to be stained I decided to sand the dresser outside. Lord knows I learned the hard way about using my electric sander inside my shop. Let me just say that it’s a no-no unless you want dust particles everywhere. drexel-in-snow, vintage drexel dresser, painted dresser, painted white furniture

The hardware was removed and placed in a bag for safekeeping, and to avoid losing any screws. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.hardware-in-ziploc, white painted furniture

The vintage Drexel dresser was then sanded down to bare wood on top and the drawers were sanded as well. I’m sure you can tell from the already existing snow on the ground that it was cold out. While sanding away my nose was running, eyes were watering and I couldn’t feel my fingers but I managed to get it done. electric-sander-to-dresser, farmhouse style, painted furniture, staten island

I’m pretty sure Mother nature was enjoying herself at my expense during this process. sanded-dresser-top, vintage furniture, new york, painted furniture, how to dal with bleed through

Once sanded and wiped down I managed to get the dresser down into my shop with the help of my hubby. After I managed to restore feeling to my face and fingers I continued on with my standard prep process which you can see here: How to Prep Painted Furniture.

We Have a Bleeder!

I don’t have a magic ball, but I have been doing this long enough to foresee when a piece intends to give me trouble. It’s clear from the look of these drawers that they won’t go white quietly. They are mocking me and daring me to just start to paint them in hopes of an easy makeover. But I know better. drawers-bleed-through, bleed through, painted furniture

To be completely honest, I don’t normally prime my pieces. There isn’t a need for it. But every now and then there is an exception to almost any rule. Here is the exception. In the case of minor bleed through a quick coat of Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint clear sealer, either matte or satin should be enough to lock in the bleed through. But I could tell in my gut that this was no average dresser. So, to play it safe I took extreme measures and primed the entire dresser. I added two coats of primer on the surface that I intend to paint white before moving on.

Ready to Paint a Farmhouse White Painted Dresser

Once primed I actually took another precaution by painting my first coat of paint in very light gray, using Tahoe by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. I almost always use a light gray before painting anything white. painted-light-gray

After the light gray I then painted two coats of White Linen, making sure to lightly sand in between each coat of paint for a super smooth finish. I used a very fine grit sandpaper to achieve this smoothness.

Painting Vintage Hardware

The original hardware to this dresser is perfect for the piece and there is absolutely no reason to replace them. vintage-hardware, drexel, drexel dresser, painted furniture

The hardware was removed, cleaned and painted using Tanner Brown as a base color followed by Bronze Hardware Opulence. This is my full process for How to Clean, Prep & Paint Hardwarebronze-painted-hardware, painted hardware, bronze painted hardware

Farmhouse White Dresser with Stained Top

Remember the top was sanded down to bare wood? Well to get that gorgeous farmhouse wood stained top I used Chestnut wood stain, and let me tell you that it goes on like a dream. I often use Teak protective wood stain which is a dark stain, while chestnut is a bit on the lighter side and absolutely gorgeous. chestnut-wood-stain, wood stain, non toxic, pure home paint

In between coats of chestnut wood stain I lightly sanded with a fine grit sandpaper leaving a smooth to the touch finish as well. The entire dresser is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. farmhouse-wood-stain-dresser, chestnut wood stain

Before being sealed for protection the entire dresser was lightly distressed bringing special attention to the carved details on the dresser. shabby-chic-painted-dresser, new york, just the woods

The Result – Farmhouse White Painted Dresser with Stained Top

A few frozen fingers and extra steps turned this dark wood beast into a farmhouse-style white painted dresser. It was all worth it! distressed-painted-dresser, white painted dresser, white painted furniture farmhouse-dresser-painted-white-with-stain, white painted furniture, painted dresser, drexel farmhouse-white-painted-dresser, white painted dresser, staten islandwhite-distressed-details, farmhouse style, painted dresser, distressed painted furniture vintage-drexel-dresser-painted-white, bowfront painted dresser, white chalk paint off-white-paint-stain-top-dresser, chalk paint, white paint, non toxic, pure home paint krisit-kuehl-pure-home-paint-white-linen, chalk paint, painted dresser, nyc floral-carving, distressed dresser, painted dresser, white painted furniture, staten island

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