My First Haven Conference but Not my Last

Disclosure: This Haven Conference post contains affiliate links.  

Haven Conference

Last week I shared with you my pre- Haven Conference shopping spree, you can find it here in case you missed it. Now I’d like to share with you my experiences from going to Haven Conference for the first time, and to be honest its slightly difficult to put into words because how can you describe a feeling?  It’s a feeling of finding your people, your niche, your sisters, your creative family, your community.  A feeling of absorbing more than you think you can, taking in every ounce of knowledge and then a little more, sharing stories and experiences, learning from one another and realizing that we are all in the same boat.  Gaining inspiration, new tips and tools, new friends, new knowledge on both the business end and the creative end. Connecting with other bloggers and chatting with generous sponsors. It’s chaotic and amazing, overwhelming and humbling.  Flight to Haven Conference

I went to the airport alone and immediately met three wonderful women at the airport for the first time who I then shared a flight with to Atlanta, Goergia. We arrived at the hotel and everyone got settled in.  Once settled I was able to get together with the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest girls, including my amazing friends Evey and Lynn from Evey’s Creations and On Fern Avenue.  Considering they are located in NY and NJ I should see them more often than I do.

The Days

Each day was jam packed with an abundance of information, going from one session to the next and chatting with sponsors in between. The sessions were amazing – from email marketing, SEO, Facebook, affiliate marketing, photography and so many more.  There were many overlapping sessions making it difficult to choose which to take. Each sponsor had a booth set up with their products and representatives. One morning breakfast was sponsored by Schlage who set up a donut wall!  How cool is that?

donut wall

Rust-Oleum was also there showcasing an amazing metallic epoxy for garage floors.  It made me wish I had a garage, just so I could make the floor pretty!  I’ve been swooning over these samples since I first noticed them.  I even suggested that we use it on the concrete floor in the boiler room of the basement, would that be weird?

rustoleum epoxy for garage floors

Wagner was there sharing one of their paint sprayers, and they had a coffee station set up as well.  Anyone who can set up paint and coffee together gets a thumbs up in my book. But in all seriousness I actually have one of their sprayers that works wonders when painting the insides of drawers, bookcases and spindles.  This is the Wagner sprayer that I have.

wagner flexio paint sprayer

Home Decorators

I think Home Decorators should get it’s own section because they were at Haven Conference, partnered with Home Depot as main sponsors and were fantastic.   Home Decorators had furniture all over the conference.  I personally fell in love with the curves of this Arden Club sofa, and when I sent a photo of it to my hubby (because we will be remodeling our living room this winter and I’m on the hunt for a new decor) he actually loved it too! (sharing both my photo and the stock photo because its that amazing)

home decorators sofa  arden club sofa

This Indy Arm chair was on stage and the photos don’t do it justice.  I had to tell my husband that this chair in person it is absolutely stunning!  We were able to learn about the design process of the chair and pairing of patterns and textures.  The behind the scenes is truly amazing, and has made me appreciate the design process so much more. Indy arm chair

Lastly for Home Decorators was this incredibly unique Industrial Adjustable Accent table.  I fell in love with the touch of color and detail of the table top. (sharing both my photo and stock photo)

industrial adjustable table home decorators accent table

Trying New Things

For as long as I’ve been painting, whether as a business or even many years ago when I would dabble for just myself, I had never tried milk paint!  I was able to try out milk paint for the very first time this past weekend. By Sunday I was on such an information overload all I wanted to do was something familiar and fun. So I took a session with Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint and it was great to try something new.   miss mustard seed milk paint

I was also given a few other samples of milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint company in my swag bag as well that I’m eager to try out. You know I’m a sucker for painting safe with non toxic, VOC free products.


Can we talk about this amazing swag bag filled with goodies from all of the generous sponsors? Oh my..  so many new things to try and not enough hours in a day.


Mentor Program

We were all assigned to a group with a mentor for the new mentor program.  Our mentors are Katie & Jeremy from Bower Power blog, who are the sweetest people ever along with the other bloggers in our group.  They were so kind to give us all a gift bag including Ryobi drill bits, a Georgia peach, bottle of coke and a can of Rust-Oleum painters touch spray in a lovely aqua (I have no idea what I will paint with that yet, but I’ll find something.  I’m tempted to hunt down an old bistro set to clean and spray). The peach and coke are because they are located in Georgia..  adorable right? Haven Mentor group with Bower Power Blog

As you can tell, by the last day I was done dressing like a grown up and needed a comfy superman T shirt and jeans! 😛


Just for fun..  My daughter packed her stuffed mouse to accompany me to Atlanta.. so, yes, I slept with her stuffed mouse Frederick! 🙂

Frederick the mouse

The Nights

At the end of each day many of us got together for dinner and drinks. Obviously we were so busy socializing we forget to take photos. There were parties and laughter, staying up all hours chatting with roommates until we realized how late it had gotten. The hours flew by yet it felt like Haven lasted for weeks rather than days.  By the time it was over we were all exhausted, overwhelmed and inspired at the same time.  heading home after Haven Conference

The Blues

Now that I’ve arrived home and I’m getting settled back in, unpacking and going through my bags there’s a strange feeling.  Someone mentioned the post Haven Conference blues, and assured us that its a real thing.  I believe it.  I’m slowly getting back into the groove of the daily life here at home and hoping to hold on to and grow the relationships and connections that I made over the past few days.  And I can’t wait to get back next year!

*Thank you to all of the wonderful women who organized and put together this event for us to all come together and connect.

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