Swoon Worthy Furniture in the Catskills

Hey all!  This past weekend we packed the kids and the truck and headed up to the Catskills.  We actually have a little cabin there that we purchased a few years ago from two hunters.  It was the exact thing that you would imagine if you tried to picture a “hunter’s cabin”.  So what does this have to do with furniture? Well, this post is only a little about furniture and a little about family. I hope you don’t mind me veering off the normal course of things.Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods

We head out and take the 2.5 hour drive north to escape the city.  We always try to support local as much as possible while there and eat at local mom and pop establishments, we even get fresh eggs from the old man down the road who has over 200 chickens.  Fresh eggs are no comparison to store bought!  Cell service is hit or miss while on the mountain which is both good and bad.  I know that I need to disconnect sometimes, but find it quite difficult to – this basically forces me.  We stopped and got our fishing licenses on the way up and took the kids fishing.

Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods My little guy did great and caught a bass or two.Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods

My daughter on the other hand, um..  not so much.Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods

I also cant help myself,  and I always try to check in on my sweet spots for furniture, some times just window shopping and other times shopping.  I was drooling over these pieces at one of my picking locations this weekend!Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods 13087674_1103264393064351_7181665376437787972_n

Aren’t those gorgeous?  Unfortunately I didn’t end up buying them and I haven’t decided yet whether I regret that decision or not.  There are so many antique shops up there, but I don’t seem to bring back as much as I would like.

Like any getaway the weekend always go by too quickly but is always worth it.  The mountain air knocks the kids out and they sleep like babies, the same goes for my hubby. I hope you guys had a great weekend and with the warm weather upon us I hope to spend more time outside with the family.  This weekend we will be working on the garden and the yard.  But for now, I will get back to this makeover and keep you posted soon.Catskills Cabin getaway with Just the Woods

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my personal life with you.