Vintage, Farmhouse & Industrial Style Lighting

Vintage, Farmhouse & Industrial Style Lighting

Disclosure: This vintage farmhouse and industrial style lighting post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Vintage Farmhouse and Industrial Style Lighting

Can we please talk about lighting?  I was out to dinner with the family last week and when I looked up I fell in love! As I rambled on to my husband about how much I loved the light fixture he sat there quietly for a moment thinking of how to break the news to me. When the waitress came by, I asked if she knew or could find out where they bought the light fixture.  She didn’t have an answer for me, nor was she able to get an answer for me. So, of course, I then sat in the restaurant and searched on my phone like a crazy person until I was able to find the light. This is it! Isn’t it both amazing and unique?

vintage gyro light

My dreams were soon crushed by both the price along with the fact that hubby said that it would fall too low for our living room and simply couldn’t work.  Sigh…  This has since sent me on a manhunt or woman hunt to find vintage style, farmhouse style, industrial style lighting fixture. These are a few examples of what I’ve found so far.  Each photo is linked directly to the item itself for your convenience in case you like them too. Oh, the best part is that all of these are around and under (some way under) the $150 range!

chicken wire light  industrial vintage light

edison vintage light vintage metal and glass light

industrial crystal light industrial vintage globe light

wire cage vintage light iron chandelier

vintage jar chandelier vintage style metal pipes

vintage metal and wood chandelier barn metal chandelier

I often go on hunts for different items and figured I might as well share. Since summer is slowly coming to an end I have a feeling that my next hunt will be for fall decor. I hope you enjoy my sharing with you. Feel free to Pin and share if you find this post useful!

Vintage, Farmhouse & Industrial Style Lighting                       Affordable Farmhouse Lighting

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