Damask Dining Set by Just the Woods

Darling Damask Dining Set

Darling Damask Stenciled Dining Set

Would you ever stencil your table top? When my customer dropped off her kitchen table and chairs they were, for lack of a better word, basic.  We’ve all seen the light wood dining sets, they’re actually pretty common and nothing spectacular.  They do the job necessary as a place to sit, eat, chat, etc, but she wanted something MORE. A damask stenciled dining set was in order! stenciled-table

Materials Needed / Source List:

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Adding Stencil to a Dining Table

The dining set was rather country in style and we intend to give it a bit more personality while still keeping it neutral in color.Pine wood Dining Set

I started with the table, and since we were leaving the top with the original wood finish I prepped and cleaned, then I immediately got to work like a measuring machine!  I broke out every ruler, measuring tape and tool needed to accurately mark where to place the stencil.   Each placement needed to be precise and symmetrical, which is easier said than done.

Measuring Stencil Placement Measuring Stencil Placement

Once I had all of my markings in place I was able to start placing the stencil. I found this pretty, leafy, damask stencil online and I started with the corners and worked from there.Damask Stencil on Kitchen Table

Painting Dining Chairs

Once the table was finished, including the center leaf I moved on to the chairs.  Since we were leaving the seats natural I removed all of the seats from the chairs to avoid getting any paint on them.   Pine Wood Chairs, dining chairs, stenciled dining setThe frames of the dining chairs were fully prepped for paint. This is my process for How to Prep Painted Furniture. They were then painted in a creamy off white and once finished the chairs were reassembled and they look brand new!Pine Wood Chairs, stenciled dining set, damask stencil

The Result – Damask Stenciled Dining Set

This plain pine dining set turned damask stenciled dining set is just darling now.

Painted Kitchen Table, stenciled dining set

The white backs, bases, and frames look great with the natural wood tops and stencil. They all seem to work together beautifully!

Painted Kitchen Table and Chairs

Did I mention that the table has a leaf!  I made sure to stencil the leaf without going overboard.  I needed to make sure that the top looks just as nice with the table open as when it’s closed and I needed to ensure that no part of the design lined up awkwardly.   Stenciled Kitchen Table

Who wouldn’t want to sit around this darling damask dining set?

Darling Damask Stenciled Dining Set by Just the Woods

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