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Bursting With Color Living Room Makeover

For the month of January, I took a break from custom work and worked on our own home renovation. Our living room had been the same since we bought our house 7 years ago and was in need of a change. We needed a change from the neutral browns and greens that we had been used to. 

The Before – Our Neutral Living Room Before the Makeover

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We had sage green walls and a cozy brown sofa that was too big for the room. It was quite comfy, but over time the kids had jumped and wrestled on it and my hubby would sleep on it more than he slept in the bedroom because he would fell asleep watching television almost every night. The sofa seemed to take up the entire room. The treasure trunk coffee table was full of compartments that were great for hiding Legos. I don’t know why, but my husband hated that coffee table. I decided to sell it on a local yard sale site and everyone loved it. You can actually still find it online HERE.  I should also add that the colorful area rug was purchased just prior to the makeover, for most of the past 7 years we had a brown area rug.unfinished-living-room, living-room-before, neutral sage living room, large brown sofa

I managed to find another ‘before’ photo before the colorful area rug, talk about NEUTRAL! living-room-before-redesign

Once we emptied out the room and dropped the kids off with the in-laws for a weekend we were able to get started.  The new sofa was delivered before we were ready for it, forcing us to work around it in a big box in the middle of the room.

heading-to-grandmas, the kids    empty-room-with-sofa-box, Bursting with Color Living Room Makeover


First stop is to Home Depot for wood trim, drop cloths, paint brushes, wall paint and a few other odds and ends. As it turned out the wood trim was just a bit too long for the truck, so hubby decided to tie the trim to the top of my truck making us “those people” that you avoid on the road! truck-loaded-with-wood-trim

The walls were prepped for paint with spackle and then sanded smooth. walls-spackled, prep wall for paint, spackle holes

The giant sofa box came in handy when we needed a place to put the wood trim as we painted them all white. As you can see we worked into the night since we were limited with time. painting-wood-trim

The sage green walls were then covered with a new coat of paint. We chose Behr Marquee in Close Knit. The lighter wall color already makes the room appear larger.

behr-close-knit, gray wall paint  lighter-walls, behr close knit, behr marquee

Wood Trim and Sawdust Disaster

After painting two coats of Behr close knit on the walls it was time to measure and cut the wood trim for the base molding as well as the crown molding.  So much for those drop cloths that we purchased. sawdust-mess, cutting wood trim

The wood trim was installed along the ceiling and floor. After all of the molding was installed we then went around and caulked and painted another coat of trim paint. adding-crown-molding, living room makeover

Painted Radiator Covers

The old metal radiator covers had become dingy and needed to be replaced or freshened up. I decided to paint them in Stone by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. The warm gray was perfect against the light gray wall.

old-radiator-covers painted-radiator-cover, chalk paint, pure home paint, stone, kristi kuehl pure home paint, painted metal

Moving the Television Set Up

We made the last minute decision to move our television from one wall to another. This required hubby to cut new holes in the new wall, and to reroute the cable wires through the attic and down the new wall. Which in turn required me to bang on the ceiling with a stick and yell back and forth with him while he drilled and dropped the line down the wall for me to find catch. If that description was hard to follow, just imagine living it! lolmarking-wall-for-new-electrical, measure placement for wall mount tv

To avoid making more of a mess, we taped a section of dropcloth paper under the area to catch any debris that would fall when cutting into the wall. One of the few smart decisions made to curb the mess during the project.

new-tv-cable, relocat television outlet  easy-clean-up


In the end, the walls were painted, television electrical relocated, baseboard replaced, crown molding added, existing window and door trim repainted, new light fixtures and all furnishings replaced. We completed the bulk of the work during the first weekend while the kids were at grandma and pops, and continued over the rest of the month to add furniture and decor.

The Result – Living Room Makeover – Bursting With Color

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