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Ombre Painted Jewelry Armoire

Painted Jewelry Armoire

We have all heard the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Naturally,  they should have a fabulous place to be stored along with all a woman’s other precious jewels, gems, pearls and glittery mementos. jewelry armoire


When I came across this standard brown jewelry armoire it was nothing special but it had an abundance of storage, drawers, hooks and sections. So I decided to make it gorgeous and classy, I definitely did not want the other standard…white.  My least favorite things have to be standard brown and standard white.  I love color.  And what better way to embrace color than with ombre!

The body was hand painted a creamy steel gray and the drawers were finished in a subtle eggplant ombre.  Eggplant being a dark color to start with made the change in color less prominent and bright and more toned down and rich.
Ombre Painted Jewelry ArmoireThe hardware was refreshed to a metallic silver/black pearl which compliments the color palette of gray and eggplant ombre perfectly.  It gives a hint of glam while remaining classy. How to Paint Ombre on Furniture

This chic beauty has all the space for a ladies finer things with felt lined drawers galore!

The Result

Ombre Painted Jewelry Armoire by Just the Woods

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