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Ornate Vintage Buffet Painted Cream, White and Gray

Ornate Vintage Buffet Painted Cream, White & Gray

This is why I need to be more choosy about the pieces I pick. This ornate vintage buffet is huge and heavy and I simply can’t lift it, did I mention that it weighs a ton? But it’s gorgeous so I confess that I had to recruit a neighbor just to help unload this beast into my shop. It was also originally marked reserved for my own home. I was going to paint it for my living room but plans changed and it was put up for grabs. The funny thing is that months back when I had met with this particular customer she had mentioned that she saw this piece in my inventory that would be perfect for her, but it was already marked reserved. So when I removed the reserved status she contacted me immediately, I think it was meant to be hers all along. vintage-buffet, ornate buffet, vintage furniture, unfinished furniture, staten island, new york

Materials Needed / Source List:
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Before – The Unfinished Ornate Vintage Buffet

To get an idea of how amazing this oversized ornate beauty is, or will be, just check out the details. It features an abundance of storage with three center drawers with gorgeous hardware and two side cabinets each with a fixed shelf.

orange-buffet-hardware, vintage furniture, chunky hardware vintage-buffet-side-storage, ornate vintage furniture

This big beast of a beautiful piece even has a solid wood back and comes on wheels.

wood back on vintage furniture, vintage furniture, staten island

Prepping Ornate Furniture for Paint

Like every piece I work on the entire surface was hand sanded and cleaned. To get into the crevices of the detail of the cabinet doors I had to get in there with an old toothbrush. A toothbrush is often perfect to get into the nooks and crannies!  Here is my entire process for How to Prep Painted Furniture

Time for Paint

Ornate vintage furniture pieces like this are fun to paint because the details will often pop once painted. I started off dark and worked my way lighter. The first base coat was Slate by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. It’s a great gray with amazing coverage. slate, kristi kuehl, pure home paint, chalk paint, gray paint, painted furnitureAfter my base coat it was time for the fun stuff, but then again isn’t is all the fun stuff? 🙂 I then layered my colors using Cali taupe, storm, vintage lace and white linen. My customer is looking for a neutral but not too neutral finish, something that will work whenever she decides to move or redecorate.

I continued to add more layers until I achieved the desired finish. I don’t normally make a habit of sending photos to my customers while working on their piece due to the lighting never being accurate. But I did this time and it helped to make sure we weren’t too gray, too white, or too cream, but rather a perfect blend of them all.

Decoupage Fabric Drawer Fronts

Those drawers in the center of the piece with the amazing chunky hardware received their own makeover. My customer wanted something added to them for that extra unique touch. I admit that I did some digging. It took a bit of searching until I found the pattern that made her say “that’s the ONE!” The pretty bird fabric was applied to the drawers in a way to make sure that each drawer had a bird on it. We intentionally did not line up the branches to avoid being too ‘matchy-matchy’. fabric-bird-print, decoupage, painted furniture, decoupage drawers

The center drawers weren’t the only inside area to receive attention. The side storage areas had shown some wear over time, naturally given the age of the buffet. To freshen up the imperfect areas inside, a simple combination of teak protective wood stain and chestnut wood stain did the trick.side-storage, vintage buffet, painted ornate furniture, painted buffet, cream and gray

Chunky Vintage Hardware

The original hardware suits the piece perfectly and I always love to keep hardware when possible. It was removed, cleaned, prepped and painted using Storm, Silver Hardware Opulence, and Jett Protective Wood Stain. Initially, the plan was for a dirty silver type finish but the hardware seemed to fade into the piece that way. To darken it up without changing the color completely I simply added more Jett. You can see my full process for cleaning, prepping and painting hardware HERE. vintage-hardware, clean prep paint hardware, painting hardware

The Result – Ornate Vintage Buffet Painted Cream, White, and Gray

These ornate vintage pieces are so much fun, but next time I will opt for something smaller, for the sake of my aching back ;P

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