How to Paint Spindles with a Paint Sprayer

Do You like to Paint Spindles?

Do you hate to paint spindles? If you answer NO to this question, then we can be friends! The worst part of painting chairs are the spindles. If they don’t have spindles, then they aren’t too bad.  So when my customer told me that her husband wanted his grandmother’s rocking chair painted, I cringed just for a second.  When he told me that he wanted it distressed black it made it all ok, since black distressed is my all time favorite.

Materials Needed:
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The Before – Unfinished Vintage Rocking Chair

vintage rocking chair, paint sprayer, painted furniture

The rocking chair is solid wood with an abundance of spindles and an old floral design on the top. Like always, the first step is to prep by sanding and cleaning the entire surface. Next, the rocker is flipped over and the underside painted using Derby by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. vintage rocking chair, staten island, painted rocking chair

Once the underside was finished I broke out my paint sprayer. I actually own three different sprayers but only use them for spindles, bookcases and the inside of drawers.

The Wagner Flexio

After using the sprayer to paint spindles, seat and arms I left it to dry while I cleaned up. Once cleaned up I went back and sanded the entire surface before hand painting the second coat. To be honest, the sprayer really is a time saver because hand painting the second coat took at least three times the amount of time.chalk paint, distressed edges, black chalk paintThe entire rocking chair was also distressed, which always looks beautiful with matte black paint. distressed black paint, manhattan, rocking chair, black paint, chalk paint, deby

Ebony protective glaze and matte protective finish were both used to seal the rocking chair for protection.

The Result – Painting Spindles with a Paint Sprayer

painted spindles with sprayer, painted rocking chair, staten islandvintage rocking chair, how to paint furniture, painted furniture How to Paint Spindles with Paint Sprayer distressed black, wet distress, chalk paint, black paint, derby rocking chair, paint spindles, black paint, vintage rocking chair, staten island

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How to Paint Spindles