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Painted Lamps – One Layer at a Time

Painted Lamps – One Layer at a Time

I thought I could force these lamps to match my living room. All I had to do was change the color because painting lamps is a thing. It’s possible, it can be done and it will look great. Wrong. Well, only wrong in the case of making them match the room, but I was correct on all other aspects. Just look at the detail on these lamp bases, they are gorgeous but dark.

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If you missed out on my living room reveal you can check out my Living Room Makeover post and see what I mean about not being able to force these to match. I thought I could, but in the end, the style of the lamps themselves did not match the style of my living room.

Painting Layers on Lamps

For starters, I was going for a somewhat gray, teal and white combo with dark gray shades. I thought with the light gray wall this coloring would look great so I started off with a dark gray base. dark-gray-paint, chalk paint, painted lamps, how to paint lamps

From there I continued with an off white layer. gray-and-white-painted-lamps, chalk paint, just the woods, painting lamps

Adding in one or two layers of teal. white-on-teal-paint, chalk paint, pure home paint, painted lamps

I literally continued the layering process, some layers thin and brushed on, some layers wiped off as soon as they were applied and some layers lightly over the raised details. But I continued over and over with these layers wondering why it didn’t feel right. Until I realized that it wasn’t the paint, nor the finish, nor the details. Those were all great! These just don’t work with the room, and that’s ok. When I finally came to this realization I decided to seal the lamps and sell them.

The Result – Teal, Gray, and White Ornate Painted Lamps

I couldn’t force them to match my home, but just because they aren’t right for my home doesn’t mean they aren’t right for someone else’s.

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The following are the colors used for this project, and they can all be HERE:
Slate – Jade – Tahoe – Skye – White Linen – Matte Protective Finish


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