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Shabby Black Painted End Tables with Decoupaged Drawers

Hey there!  We’ve all seen the plain, boring, simple wood end tables.  There’s really nothing special about them..  at all. They wouldn’t even get a second look, until now.  These came to me in pretty rough shape.  They were beaten up, scratched up, dented and dinged.unfinished pine end tablesIn an attempt to save all or some of the wood grain on top I sanded them down.  Even after sanding them they still had some imperfections due to the beaten they had taken in their previous life.sanded tops of end tables

I was committed to making them beautiful again.  I tossed and turned on ideas for these little ladies, I originally planned to keep them relatively simple.  But we all know how plans change.  I planned to line the inside of the drawers, until I realized that the drawers were the only thing in perfect clean condition.  You know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” .

The Project

I remember that I had this very pretty print with birds that I’ve been waiting to use.  Sometimes it takes a while for the perfect piece to come along to pair with a product/accessory I have on hand, and sometimes it takes a while for the perfect accessory to pair with a certain piece.  I’ve had these pretty birds for some time now, and excited to finally get to use them.Decoupaged Drawer on Painted end tablesDecoupaged Drawer on Painted end tables

How cool is this print?  I love that it form fits around the raised edges of the drawer as well and has a bit of an aged appearance to it.  I decided to work with the dark colors in the print and painted the piece shabby black, it just seemed to work with the tables.Shabby black distressed paintRemember I mentioned that I sanded the tops down to bare wood?  Well, I decided to use a cherry stain on the outer portion of the table tops, with the jet black center.  The stain was even distressed a bit before the tables were sealed.

Shabby black and cherry stain   Cherry stain with black paint

The Result

These are definitely not your grandma’s end tables anymore! (I say that jokingly – grandmas are great)  If you like unique and shabby chic, but not a fan of white distressed, then these tables will be sure to wow your guests!Shabby Black End tables with decoupaged Drawers

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