Just the Woods, LLC – to Paint or not to Paint

Kandice here.  Every now and then I stumble upon a piece, or two, or more that just doesn’t NEED paint.  Maybe it’s already beautiful, unique, valuable, etc.  The main questions are “does it NEED paint?”  or “will paint make it better?”  or “will it increase its value?”   I’ve ran across a few already, and I always do my research when I acquire a piece that raises these questions.  I try to find as much information as possible about a piece, including but limited to its age, origin, value, etc.

For example this sideboard was gorgeous ‘as is’ and certainly did NOT need paint.  I told myself that I would paint it if absolutely necessary but really did not want to.  It was in great shape, solid, unique and had beautiful wood grain.  Thankfully it was sold to a nice gentlemen in Manhattan and is now located in an upscale retail store where it was meant to be.unique

On the other hand when I came across this oval desk, I researched it.  I discovered that whether I painted it or left it alone would really make no difference.  Apparently it was from sometime around the 1920s and mass produced.  So knowing I wouldn’t decrease its value I decided to paint.  In addition to paint I decided to give an extra WOW factor including studs, fabric, metallic shimmer and faux leather.  It was such a uniquely shaped piece I wanted to restyle it in a way that would make it stand out.  Granted its a very specific look and will be perfect for one perfect person, but that’s what makes it so special.

ovalpeacock, desk, vanity, painted furniture, NYC, staten island

Lastly are these Chinese apothecary cabinet/tables.  I have attempted to research as much as I could, but wasn’t able to find much.  Regardless my gut tells me ‘No Paint’.  They have such a unique quality to them, solid wood, all original hardware, the back is marked ‘handcrafted in China’.   I honestly feel that painting them would take away the appeal. How cool are these with the Chinese lettering engraved on each door/cubby? chinese, apothecary, tables, staten island, NYC, furniture, for salechinese 4chinese 2

Both the peacock desk and the Chinese apothecary tables are currently for sale and located at the West Front Emporium – 29B West Front St, Keyport, NJ.  Message me at  if you have questions or would like to purchase.