Preparing for Haven Conference – This Painter needs a new pair of shoes!

Disclosure: This pre haven wardrobe round up post contains affiliate links.  

I am Going to Haven!

Preparing for Haven Conference with a new Wardrobe

I am so excited to go to my first Haven Conference held in Atlanta.  What is Haven you may be wondering? The best way to explain it is to merely cut and paste from the Haven website, I know its cheating, but they know best:

Haven is a DIY/decorating professional blogging conference which takes place August 5-7, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Our conference brings 400 pro-bloggers together with over 100 sponsor representatives for a 3 day event. Sessions focus on improving skills in blogging, decorating, home improvement, photography, writing, social media, brand relationships, book writing, and more! Our conference began in 2012 and each year attracts the most notable DIY/Home bloggers in the blogosphere.

One Problem

All of my clothes have paint on them.  Or don’t fit.  Or are simply not appropriate for this event, I don’t think anyone wants to see me in sweatpants and an over sized T shirt or sweatshirt.  They may think I was a homeless person who wandered in dressed like such a hot mess.  So I decided I had some serious shopping to do.  Considering I always shop for the kids and never myself this was long overdue.


Can I just tell you that I found the most adorable and so far comfortable shoes EVER online!  Yes, I ordered shoes without trying them on hoping that they will fit and I won’t need to return any and I got lucky! I can be a bit indecisive so I ended up ordering a few pairs since I don’t really know what I should be wearing I need to cover all angles.

Preparing for Haven Conference with a new Wardrobe


These adorable shoes have a heel high enough to dress them up but low enough to not hurt.  I’ve tested them out already with a pair of jeans and love them.  They can be found here: Wanderlust Dress Pump.




Preparing for Haven Conference with a new Wardrobe



Next I ordered these black pumps with hopes that I could dress them up or down, I was nervous about the height, since I’m more of a flats and sneakers girl lately but I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised and they are quite comfy. These can be found here:  Brynn Ivy Dress Pump.


Preparing for Haven Conference with a new Wardrobe


Now that I have both a black and brown closed toe pump I have to have open toe sandal style shoes, because we all need options. I fell in love with these based on the photo and good Lord they are as comfy as they are sexy.  These can be found here: Kenneth Cole Sole Kick Wedge.




Preparing for Haven Conference with a new Wardrobe

Last but not least I went with these black strappy sandals because I have a lower heel version of them in white and the white version is super comfy. To be honest these aren’t as comfortable as the lower heel white version. When I initially tried these on, the piece that fits in between your toes is a bit uncomfortable, but as the reviews stated:  that goes away and they should be fine.  After trying them on a second time they do feel more comfortable.  I’m 4 for 4!  These can be found here: Ralph Lauren Reeta Wedge.


Now that I have my shoes I need clothes!  I actually went out in person to buy clothes.  I know its a rarity but I simply can not order clothes without trying them on.  We all know that those numbers in women’s clothes are merely a suggestion and nothing fits the same. The fact that I’ve also put on a few pounds doesn’t help either.  I wanted to aim for slimming and not the potato sack look.




I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a solid black tank.  It can easily be mixed up with different colored cardigans over it.  This simple shirt can be found here: Ruffled V-neck tank.






I walked past this shirt multiple times before actually stopping to look at it.  I decided to try it on and realized that its adorable and can be dressed up or down. This can be found here: Mixed Print Embroidered tee. 






This lightweight open cardigan was part of me reasoning for the neutral toned necklace with green and browns.  Another top that can be dresser up or down. This cardigan can be found here:  Pointelle elbow Sleeve open Cardigan.






Another sleeveless tank that can be dressed up with a solid cardigan, this tank can be found here: Mixed print embroidered tank. 







This solid navy tank goes perfectly with the mixed print maxi skirt below. This tank which I also grabbed in other colors in addition to navy can be found here: Scoop neck tank.








This ankle length maxi skirt is super comfy and goes perfectly with a navy tank that I also found in my spree.  The skirt can be found here: Border print tassel maxi skirt.



102793500_911 (1)



This may be one of my favorites.  This poncho shirt does a great job of hiding those mid body bumps and curves while still looking super feminine.  This shirt can be found here: Embellished mixed print poncho.





This lightweight stitched summer sweater looks great over one of the solid tanks that I got.  This sweater can be found here: Multi color stitched sweater.



I also  grabbed two pairs of these secret agent slimming pants because any pants that are called secret agent pants with tummy control..  how could I not buy them?  These pants can be found here: Secret agent pull on pants.


I added a few accessories also because ‘hey, why not?’



This simple double ring pendant comes in a silver ot gold color.  I grabbed one in silver thinking it would look great with a solid shirt, at least I hope it will.  It can be found here: Double ring pendant.






This long sparkly necklace adds just enough bling to an outfit and can be found here: Embellished Pendant Necklace.







Lastly this tassel necklace has just enough neutral brown and green tones to add a touch of color.  This necklace can be found here: Beaded tassel necklace.





I know this is not my typical post but I couldn’t help share both my excitement, my new wardrobe and my shoe scores!  I said I bought a new wardrobe and boy I wasn’t lying.  All of these managed to hide those extra few curves in the middle area that many of us moms struggle with so I hope my sharing can help any of you who are in the same boat as me. I also hope you don’t mind me going off course from the norm.  I’m sure I’ll write and post about Haven when I get back, but in the meantime have a great week.

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