Stencil & Seafoam China Cabinet

Sea Foam & Stencil China Cabinet

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Grandma’s China Cabinet Makeover

This china cabinet started off like any standard vintage piece that we may have seen at grandmas.  In this case, that’s exactly what this was..  it belonged to my customer’s grandmother.  She wanted to keep the piece but since it was outdated and didn’t flow with her updated home, not to mention that her husband absolutely HATED the hardware, the china cabinet needed a makeover.  vintage china cabinet, unfinished china cabinet, vintage furniture, staten island

The Project

The first thing to do was to pop off the backing, BUT as I started to remove the backing I realized that it was made of some sort of hard cardboard and it ripped and tore apart. That’s not good!vintage china cabinet backing, vintage furniture, painted furniture, china cabinetSo, I sang my new theme song… “hi, ho, hi, ho..  it’s off to Home Depot I go…”   A new wood backing piece was cut to size to replace the old cardboard-like back.  (wood is better than cardboard anyway)new wood, home depot, vintage furniture, china cabinetHaving the back part removed made it easier to paint and work on the top portion of the cabinet, as well as the inside.remove back to china cabinet, vintage furniture, painted furniture, painted china cabinet, stencil, nyc


My customer also ordered new hardware fromD Lawless Hardware D. Lawless Hardware and had them sent to me.  She picked out very pretty knobs and pulls but the pulls and handles were a bit more silver than desired since the knobs were black.  To make them work together just a bit better, I sponged a black tint over the silver to darken them without taking away from the gorgeous details.




wood fill hardware holes, wood filler, plug hardware holes, vintage furniture, painted furniture



The new handles are a different size than the original hardware.  The old holes had to be filled, sanded smooth and new holes drilled.






The Backing- Adding a Stencil Design

The backing was painted creamy off white.  A stencil design is added to the backing using the same sea foam color as the rest of the piece.  Any spots where the seams didn’t match up perfectly were then touched up with a small artists brush to blend the seams together.  You can find this stencil on Etsy here.Painted china cabinet with stencil, stencil, china cabinet, painted furniture, add stencil, nyc, chalk paint

The Result – Painted China Cabinet with Stencil

Once put back together the light inside the cabinet really brought your attention to the backing!Painted china cabinet with stencil, seafoam chalk paint, stencil on furniture, pure home paintThe hardware all worked well together once the silver was darkened.  I’m sure my customer’s husband is glad to be rid of those old original pulls!Painted sea foam china cabinet with stencil backing by Just the WoodsSo much storage space .. a full-size top drawer, 2 smaller drawers and larger lower cabinet. Painted sea foam china cabinet with stencil backing This beauty is now a piece that works with my customer’s decor while keeping her grandmother’s furniture in the family.  She is in love!Painted sea foam china cabinet with stencil backing by Just the Woods

Painted sea foam china cabinet with stencil backing by Just the Woods

If you love this stencil you can find it here.

If you love these colors – you can get the look with Serenity & White Linen. Serenity_grande White_Linen_grande

It must have been meant to be..  my customer followed up with this message:

“Wow! The magic of Christmas!!! So my mom just told me that my grandmother would have loved what you did to this piece because sea foam was her favorite color!! The piece lives on in her name. I had no idea when I picked the color….”

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