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Giving Back – Thin Blue Line End Tables

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The Thin Blue Line

I am pleased to say that I’ve completed another set of custom thin blue line tables. I’ve explained in a previous post the significance of the thin blue line and its meaning.  You can find that info here.  These tables have actually been in my inventory for quite some time, they are solid wood, originally made by Brandt with the markings and label still visible  on the underside. They were also pretty beaten up, which is most likely why no one has claimed them until now. Thin Blue Line Tables by Just the Woods

The Project

I always sand my pieces before I work on them, but normally I only break out the electric sander and sand to bare wood when I plan to stain.  Since the tops of these were so badly scratched I decided that I should give them a good sanding which will also provide me with a better surface to work with, so that’s exactly what I did. sandedOnce they were sanded, cleaned and prepped I flipped them over to paint the undersides of the tables.  I only painted the mid underside and not the bottom (I hope that makes sense).  Reason being is I do not like to cover up original markings, and I wanted to preserve the original Brandt label.  I suppose that is personal preference, but the preserver in me constantly battles with the painter in me. *wink*Thin Blue Line Tables by Just the Woods

Once I had full coverage underneath I was able to flip them back over and complete the rest.  They were hand painted in a pure matte black and slightly distressed. Thin Blue Line Tables by Just the Woods

Lastly, I measured and marked the exact center and taped off where I planned to add the thin blue line. The blue was done in a royal blue and then a metallic blue over it before being sealed.   I am always thankful for my trusty green frog tape to give me clean crisp lines!Thin Blue Line Furniture

The Result

Voila!  That simple blue line means so much to so many! Thin Blue Line Tables by Just the WoodsThin Blue Line NYPD Thin Blue Line Tables by Just the WoodsThin Blue Line Tables by Just the Woods

The proceeds from the sale of these tables are being donated to the Brotherhood for the Fallen, NYC Chapter and if interested you can read more about them and what they do hereNYPD thin blue line charity

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I’ll be sharing this post at these fabulous link parties.

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