Timeless White Buffet

Hand Painted Timeless White Buffet

Can you believe this buffet was only $40? When my client contacted me requesting her boring piece be transformed to a timeless white buffet I couldn’t wait.  She told me that she picked up this curvy beauty for a mere $40 at a yard sale. What a score for such a pretty piece with such potential.brown buffet before paint

There’s no reason you can’t live with the furniture you want. painted-white-buffet

Unfinished Modern Buffet

This buffet has such great details, from the curves, carved detail on the legs and feet and the iron scroll work between the leg bases. It also has some marker drawing on the top center drawer as well as rings and stains on the top. You can’t expect perfect for $40.

We decided to sand the top down to make it a very dark stain. This way, even if the marks on top don’t sand away completely the dark stain should hide any imperfections and uneven areas on top.

Sand to bare wood

Paper Thin Wood Over Particle Board

But, oh-oh we have a problem. That solid wood top is not actually solid wood at all. It was merely a paper-thin piece of wood covering over particle board.  There’s no way that I could stain that top with bits of particle board exposed like that. I had to strengthen the areas where the pressed wood was exposed and use a stainable wood filler.  Once sanded smooth I was able to apply the dark stain.

presswood under thin veneer

White Distressed Painted Buffet

Once the necessary repairs were made the top was stained with a rich espresso stain and the body was hand painted in a timeless white. The white was then distressed along the edges before being sealed for protection.
white chalk paint, painted furniture

The Result – Timeless White Painted Buffet

There’s no reason that you can’t live with the furniture you want instead of what you’ve got. And don’t let pesky particle board stand in your way either.

Dark stain top on white buffet

Distressed white painted buffetDistressed white painted furniturePainted iron scroll detail Painted white furniturePainted Timeless White Buffet by Just the Woods

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