Who Needs a Bookcase When you Can Have a Unique Painted Etagere

A Bookcase or an Etagere?

I admit that when I got this vintage etagere I had no idea what it was called. I just thought it was a very tall, heavy and unique bookcase that was dug out of a dusty old garage. What did I know? Until a friend explained that it’s called an etagere. That seems like the kind of word that you have to say with an accent and it makes me feel just a little bit fancy.

My next concern was the height. You know my shop ceiling is a bit lower than a standard ceiling right? Fingers crossed that this will fit. Eeek, it just fits!close-to-ceiling

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Materials Needed / Source List:
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Preparing to Paint an Extra Tall Etagere

The etagere is very tall, as I mentioned which may not be as noticeable in the before photo. But to get an idea of how tall this is, it actually stuck out the back of the bed of my truck it’s so tall!vintage-etagere

Also, not so noticeable in the photo is the wear and tear that this giant beauty has endured over time. There were small rings of some sort on a few of the shelves.damage-to-wood

I felt my best bet was to lay the etagere down on the ground to properly sand and prep since I didn’t plan to bring a step stool outside. Could you imagine how ridiculous it would look to see me outside standing on a step stool to sand the top shelf? I confess I’m laughing at myself a little right now. Here is my full process on How to Prep Painted Furniture.prep-painted-furniture

Lucky for me a neighbor was outside washing his car while I was sanding and prepping the etagere and he offered to help me get it inside when done. Along with being awkwardly tall, the etagere is also quite heavy, heavier than it looks for sure. Thank you neighbor.

Painting a Unique Etagere

The chunky spindles and abundance of shelves make this piece so cool. I remembered that my customer had been looking for a bookcase, so I reached out to her and suggested this instead. Because who needs a bookcase when you can have a unique painted etagere? She bounced around on colors and decided on a classic black finish. My favorite! krisit-kuehl-pure-home-paint

The entire etagere was hand painted with Derby by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. And yep, I had to break out the step stool to get to the tippy top of the etagerepainting-tall-furniture

In between coats of paint, I lightly sanded to ensure a super smooth finish, especially on the shelving areas. sand-entire-surface

Instead of sealing the piece with a clear sealer I decided to seal with Ebony Protective Glaze, which is a black tinted sealer. I pretty much always seal my black painted pieces with a tinted black sealer, this just makes more sense to me. ebony-protective-glaze

The Result – Classic Black Painted Etagere

A stepstool, electric sander, and helpful neighbor helped transform this chunky dusty piece into a gorgeous painted etagere. Having a friend who’s familiar with fancy words doesn’t hurt chalk-painted-spindles distressed-chalk-paint just-the-woods-painted-furniture matte-black-chalk-paintpure-home-paint-derby shabby-chic-new-york tall-painted-wooden-etagere wooden-painted-splindles

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