Black, Stain & Wood Grain Coffee Table Makeover

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Coffee table makeover from orange pine to black chalk paint with a rich stain top gives this coffee table redo a thumbs up.  

Black, Stain & Wood Grain Coffee Table Makeover

*If you are looking for black wood stain tutorial please refer to this newer project: Black Wood Stain & Black Furniture Paint.

The funny thing about this coffee table makeover is that I decided on its color based on a new backdrop that I recently bought.  I’ve been dying to use it and wanted to use a paint color that would work with the backdrop.  Who does such crazy things? So I pulled this coffee table from inventory thinking that the ugly honey color would look so much better in black!  black-stain-and-wood-grain, coffee table makeover


For a more recent and more detailed on using black furniture paint and black stain, click hereBlack Furniture Paint and Black Stain Table Makeover

The Unfinished Coffee Table

This coffee table was bright orange, it’s almost blinding, and there is nothing striking about it. coffee table, solid wood, just the woods, coffee table makeover, painted furniture

Initially, I was going to paint the whole table. The coffee table makeover was supposed to be a painted table top as well as the bottom. I considered a black bottom with layers of leftover paint colors from previous pieces on the top. Waste not, want not.  honey pine coffee table makeover, painting a coffee table, coffee table makeover ideas

Sanding the Pine Coffee Table

But once I got it out of the truck I decided I would sand the top and see how it looks under that orange glow of the original honey finish.   It was a gorgeous sunny day so why not spend it outside for a bit.  I made the decision a while ago that I will no longer use the electric sander in my shop, I hate to admit that I used to but it’s just too dusty and messy. Oh my! Look at that gorgeous wood grain.

Sanded coffee table top

For some reason, I had thought that the table top was a thin veneer, but much to my surprise it is in fact completely solid wood. Insert happy dance here. It had some serious gouges and dents in it but look at that grain! Even with the slight remnants of gouges that are now merely dings it has serious potential.

Fancy Vintage Dripping Lights Backdrop

Yep, that the backdrop. It’s super unique with the dripping vintage lights. Can you believe it’s made of paper?

Painted Coffee Table - Black, Stain and Wood Grain, coffee table makeover

The coffee table is first flipped over and the base and legs are painted pure black and distressed to reveal bits of the light colored wood.  Then I flipped it back over again and applied a very pretty chocolate stain to the top. You can find great quality furniture paint and stain online HERE. An added bonus, when painting furniture, you want to make sure to use a quality non-toxic furniture paint.

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Painted Coffee Table in Black, Stain & Wood Grain

Woah, that wood grain is amazing. I can’t believe it had been hiding under that orange glow of the previous finish. Plus the distressed black is always a personal favorite of mine.

Painted Coffee Table - Black, Stain and Wood Grain / Just the Woods, coffee table makeover, painted coffee table,

The wood grain really pops now, where before it was overlooked. Painted Coffee Table - Black, Stain and Wood Grain / coffee table makeover ideas

You can never go wrong with classic black, stain and wood table makeover, coffee table redo, refinishing coffee table ideas

Painted Coffee Table ideas, coffee table makeover, painted wood coffee table

I am in love with my new backdrop too! painted coffee table, black chalk paint, graphite, wood stain, chalk painted furniture

*Update* As it turned out I have a feeling that the backdrop was a little distracting so I later took a few simpler photos of the coffee table makeover with my rustic candlestick holders and a few boxwood paint, chalk paint, wood grain, coffee table, painted furniture ideas, painted coffee table, coffee table makeover

For a more detailed tutorial and recent coffee table makeover, you need to see How to Refinish a Rustic Wood Coffee Tablerustic wood coffee table refinish

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Coffee table makeover from orange pine to black chalk paint with a rich stain top gives this coffee table redo a thumbs up. Coffee table makeover ideas, painted coffee table, refinishing coffee table ideas, painted coffee table ideas, refurbished coffee table, ideas for painting a coffee table

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  1. Helen Holley says:

    Great job, as always!
    And I like your backdrop too!
    Helen H

    1. thank you! Im a little obsessed with the new backdrop 🙂

  2. Beautiful table!!

    I am also loving your backdrop you used, please tell me what that is and how I can get one.

    1. thank you, its canvas and I ordered it online (I think etsy)

  3. What a great update! It looks really great with those black legs! Thanks for linking up at the TOT party!

  4. Beautiful Kandice. You have created a beautiful piece. In fact, it is featured at our Dishing It & Digging It link party on this upcoming Sunday. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I couldn’t find your comments for awhile, until I scrolled down.

  5. Awesome job, and I love the contrasting colors! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  6. Love the table and am doing a similar project. Was curious what stain you used and if you put a protective coat over top and bottom. I have the Pure Home Clear Satin and was planning on using that over the black but unsure what to use on the top. It is a dinning table so wanted a good protectant!

    1. You can use the satin over the black (or Jett over the black). as far as stain I love love love teak! Any of the Pure Home Paint Stains would work and they have the sealer in then already. Though sometimes I mix a little clear satin in with the stain for the final coat 🙂

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