From Modern and Sleek to Vintage Shabby Chic

From Modern and Sleek to Vintage Shabby Chic

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Vintage Shabby Chic Tables

Materials Needed:

Staging / Home Decor


These nightstands are actually part of a custom bedroom set. The items are being finished separately so I figured I might as well post about them separately.  My customer told me that she wanted to shift the look of these pieces from dark and modern to vintage shabby chic.  She decided on a soft, almost sage green.  But like most projects it wasn’t quite that simple.  Let me first share the before photo, dark right?unfinished end tables, modern nightstands

My customer had seen previous pieces that I’ve done with the pretty prints on the sides of the drawers, so we decided to add that special little detail as well. BUT..  because there’s almost always a but.. the sides have tracks!modern tables, drawer tracks, side tracks, modern drawers, shabby chic

The Process

Oh, my Lord!  I almost had a full on panic attack when these were dropped off.  So many questions raced through my mind.  I kept thinking to myself: “what if I remove the tracks and can’t line them back up again?” “what if they line up crooked and out of whack?” and “what if? what if? what if?” So I took a step back and a deep breath and took this project on in a very methodical manner.  I removed the tracks one at a time while labeling the drawer and dresser in chalk since chalk can easily be wiped away once finished. The holes on the sides of the drawers were then marked with a sharpie.From Modern to Vintage Shabby Chic by Just the Woods

Most of the sides had extra holes so I made sure to mark the holes that the screws were in and ignore the others, otherwise I would’ve scrambled to figure out which were the correct holes and which weren’t.  blog 5

Each set of screws were then separately placed in a small plastic bag and taped to the corresponding track and labeled to make sure it goes back on to the correct drawer and side.  Is my OCD shining through yet? Ex. nightstand 2, top drawer, left side. blog 4

Next, after sanding and prepping the sides I painted a thin coat of Pure & Original island white and marked my holes again.From Modern to Vintage Shabby Chic by Just the Woods

Then I applied my pretty vintage print and marked my holes yet again.   Once the print was sealed I was able to reattach the correct track to each drawer side.   decoupage, shabby chic

When I removed the hardware I discovered another surprise..  there were holes requiring filler since the new pulls are gorgeous clear crystal knobs from D. Lawless Hardware and only need one hole.

shabby chic, new hardware, night stands, painted furniture, staten island  new hardware, night stands, fill holes, drill holes, nyc, just the woods


The nightstands were then hand painted in a Pure & Original kiwi white and distressed revealing bits of the dark underneath creating a vintage shabby chic feel.  These  were then sealed with dead flat eco sealer by Pure & Original.modern night stands, shabby chic, painted tables, mint, sage, chalk paintDistressing with sandpaper creates a great worn vintage look. I love the dark coming through the light green! shabby chic, painted tables, distressed edges

shabby chic, chalk paint, distressed, worn look, staten island, painted tablesThese crystal knobs were the perfect choice to go with the new look of these tables.

The Resultshabby chic, crystal knobs, decoupage, just the woods

painted nightstands, shabby chic, decoupage, chalk paint, nyc, nj  Then, of course, there are the sides!!decoupage drawers, decoupage print, shabby chic, painted, chalk paint

decoupage, modern tables, shabby chic, chalk paint, staten islanddecoupage, butterfly tissue, shabby chic, painted furniture, just the woods16yes 3320yes From Modern to Vintage Shabby Chic with Decoupaged Drawers by Just the Woods

These nightstands truly went from modern to vintage shabby chic.  The matching dresser to the set can be found HERE.

Thanks for following along with me.  xoxo

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