Painted Furniture

The Best & Trusted Way for Painting Laminate Furniture

We often paint old wooden furniture, but what about painting laminate furniture? Have you ever thought about painting brand new furniture? The next question may be can you paint laminate furniture? Specifically, Pottery Barn furniture? I’m talking about squeaky clean, right out of the box furniture? Since it is new it will most like be […]

The Ultimate Guide for Stunning Painted Furniture Ideas

When it comes to searching for painted furniture ideas you can easily get overwhelmed. I mean there are so many different styles and techniques out there. It is so easy to slip down that rabbit hole of chalk paint furniture ideas. Hopefully, I can help and make your search for painted furniture ideas and inspiration just a […]

Little Girls Vanity Makeover from Trash to Treasure

Would you believe that this cute little girls vanity was found on the curb? Yep! I’m normally not one for curbside finds, but my mom called me and says “Carlos (my stepdad) found a vanity on the side of the road and he’s going to get it for you.” Um, what? My first response was to […]

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DIY/ Crafts

How to Make an Awesome Scroll Saw DIY Lantern

Light up your home or your yard with this DIY lantern project. See how to make wooden lanterns with a scroll saw. Pick a lantern pattern and get creative. When you think DIY lantern do you think about those simple farmhouse style rustic lanterns? Or a paper lantern? Maybe something made with a mason jar? […]

20+ Creative Ideas for How to Make Unique DIY Lanterns

If you are looking for creative ideas for how to make unique DIY lanterns then I have a treat for you. No matter what your style you can learn how to make a lantern. From wooden lanterns to DIY paper lanterns there is an abundance of great ideas in here. Have you considered upcycled DIY lanterns […]

How to Make Homemade Bath Bombs You Will Love

Homemade bath bombs make bathtime even better. This easy homemade bath bomb recipe will walk you through how to make homemade bath bombs for your next relaxing night in. With easy to find bath bomb ingredients you can grab a book, light a candle, sit back, soak it in and relax. Who loves a relaxing […]

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Home Decor

An Amazing Selection of Awesome Apothecary Chests

Who loves drawers? I do! You can’t go wrong with apothecary chests, apothecary cabinets, and apothecary dressers to fill your storage needs. An abundance of drawers on apothecary style furniture make a great centerpiece in a room. These apothecary cabinets for sale can all be brought to your doorstep.  Can we chat about apothecary chests? […]

How to Embrace Your Inner Farm Girl with Farmhouse Decor

Embrace your inner farm girl with farmhouse decor. Farm decor is all the rage and you can create your own farmhouse style with these farmhouse decorating ideas. Are you a farmhouse decor lover at heart? That rustic farmhouse decor style has been taking over and seems to be sticking around. The first thing to come […]

20+ of the Best DIY Kitchen Projects

20+ of the Best DIY Kitchen Projects for you to spruce up your home. Free plans to build your own kitchen table or kitchen island. DIY kitchen decor ideas. Kitchen DIY projects. Find all of your DIY kitchen project inspiration. Whether you plan to completely renovate your kitchen or spruce it up with a creative DIY […]

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Gluten Free Mug Cake Recipes That Are Absolutely Delicious

If you have decided to go wheat free by choice or by necessity you will love these gluten free mug cake recipes. Who needs flour to have cake anyway? Not me, and not you! We can have our cake and eat it too with these flourless mug cake recipes. Would you believe that for my own birthday while […]

How to Make Healthy Strawberry Homemade Protein Balls

Homemade protein balls are one of my all-time favorite healthy snacks to keep on hand for when I want something quick, easy and to curb the sweet cravings. I confess that once in a while I eat so many that it feels like I’m defeating the purpose but we can all splurge once in a […]

Delicious & Healthy Triple Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Delicious and healthy smoothie bowl recipe for when you want a smoothie but need a little something more. This simple and easy smoothie bowl recipe will fill you up without weighing you down. See how to make a smoothie bowl that you will love. When you love smoothies as much as I do, you have […]

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