Painted Furniture

15+ Fantastic and Fun Mod Podge Projects You Need to Try

Have you heard of mod podge? If you have been DIYing or crafting for any amount of time, then my guess is yes. But if you are new to DIY you may wonder what is mod podge? Well, it’s an amazing decoupage medium. An even simpler explanation is that it is a type of glue to […]

Repainting Painted Furniture & What You Need to Know First

Repainting painted furniture. How to paint over painted wood furniture when your decor or plans change. Repainting over chalk painted table the easy way.  Repainting painted furniture is not something that I do often. As a matter of fact, I normally follow a no painting previously painted pieces rule (simply personal preference). But every now […]

How to Create Breathtaking Results Painting Wood Furniture

Painting wood furniture can completely transform the appearance of a piece of furniture. As long as you know how to paint wood furniture the possibilities are endless as to what you can create. And if you want your creative painted furniture makeover to last then you should also look into the best paint for wood furniture […]

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DIY/ Crafts

My All Time Favorite DIY Tools for Making Stuff

Every girl (or guy) should have their own DIY tools. Whether you are a woodworker, DIYer or just someone who likes to make stuff. Hey, even someone who doesn’t make stuff needs to hang a picture every now and then right? Except, maybe my brother, I’m not sure he knows how to hang a picture. 😛 […]

How to Update Your Decor with the Best Metallic Gold Paint

Metallic gold paint is an easy way to update or change your decor. It is great for DIY projects big and small. Highlighting a painted mirror with gold paint, updating just the hardware or adding gold metallic paint to craft projects is easy to do. This oversized wooden monogram letter had been hot pink for […]

How to Make the Best DIY Lotion Bar Recipe That Smells Amazing

This DIY lotion bar recipe is not only easy and natural but adorable too! Once you learn how easy it is to make your own lotion bars you won’t need to spend money on pricey lotion that leaves you will greasy or dry skin anymore. Some lotions lead you on with empty promises while others […]

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Home Decor

Gorgeous Yellow Furniture to Brighten Up Your Home

Yellow furniture is often overlooked or never thought of when it comes to choosing furniture colors in a home. I admit that when my husband told me that he wanted a yellow media console in the living room I thought he had lost his mind. But then I took a moment to think about it.  I […]

An Amazing Selection of Awesome Apothecary Chests

Who loves drawers? I do! You can’t go wrong with apothecary chests, apothecary cabinets, and apothecary dressers to fill your storage needs. An abundance of drawers on apothecary style furniture make a great centerpiece in a room. These apothecary cabinets for sale can all be brought to your doorstep.  Can we chat about apothecary chests? […]

How to Embrace Your Inner Farm Girl with Farmhouse Decor

Embrace your inner farm girl with farmhouse decor. Farm decor is all the rage and you can create your own farmhouse style with these farmhouse decorating ideas. Are you a farmhouse decor lover at heart? That rustic farmhouse decor style has been taking over and seems to be sticking around. The first thing to come […]

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The Easiest Recipe for the Best Chocolate Energy Bites

Chocolate and energy together make a winning combination. These chocolate energy bites are so easy to make and are great little snacks for on the go, or for when you just need a quick bite. Avoid the sugar-filled candy bar and make tasty no bake energy bites instead. These are also great for someone following a gluten-free or […]

The Most Amazing Mango Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

When it comes to smoothies I am a ‘one a day’ kinda girl. There’s nothing that satisfies that love of sweet and refreshing like a healthy smoothie. Some days I opt for something chocolately and other days I want fruity. This mango pineapple smoothie recipe is a family favorite around here. Not only do the kids […]

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus to Make, Eat, Share & Enjoy

Bacon is all the rage, I think it always will be. How can you not love the salty crunchy deliciousness of bacon? So when you get the chance to combine a dose of veggies with bacon I say “Absolutely!” That’s exactly what you get with these grilled bacon wrapped asparagus. As an added bonus making […]

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