How to Make DIY Concrete Candle Holders the Easy Way

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See how easy it is to make concrete candle holders. DIY concrete projects are fun with these simple cement molds using eggshells. Learn how to make a candle holder the easy way with DIY cement.

There are so many different DIY concrete projects that you can do yourself. These DIY concrete candle holders are a perfect example. You don’t even need fancy cement molds because making concrete molds isn’t very difficult either. You just need to get a little creative. See how easy it is to make concrete candle holders. DIY concrete projects are fun with simple cement molds using eggshells. Learn how to make a candle holder the easy way with DIY cement. #diyconcrete #concretecandleholders #concreteprojects #cementprojects #cementmolds #DIYconcreteprojects #DIYcementprojects #cementmolds #candleholder

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Supplies & Tools Needed to Make DIY Concrete Candle Holders

Materials Needed / Source List:

  • Cement & Sand Mixture (50:50)
  • Egg (shell)
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Plastic bucket to mix cement
  • Stick to mix cement
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Craft Wire – 16 gauge
  • Craft pliers – cutting, looping, flat nose
  • Liquid Gold Paint 
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Find all of my favorite tools and products on my Amazon Page here

Making Concrete Candle Holders

You don’t even need to know how to make concrete molds to be able to make this DIY concrete project. We will be using a simple empty eggshell for our concrete molds. Gather your supplies! concrete candle holder supplies

Mixing Cement

  1. In a plastic bucket or pot add the cement and sand mixture. The proportion of cement and sand should be 50:50. cement diy, concrete diy, diy cement molds, concrete candle holder
  2. Add water to the cement and sand mixture. The water-cement ratio should also be about 50:50 but in case you cannot measure the ratio add a small amount of water at a time and mix. Do not add too much water at once and try keeping the mixture thick. Less water means more strength and less time to dry. Mix them really well using a stick. concrete candle holder, diy concrete, cement molds diy

Your DIY Concrete Molds

  1. Drain an egg by cracking the top side of the egg. Use a spoon to crack small proportion of the egg at the top and then carefully remove the top shell. Try keeping at least one-third of the eggshell intact. Clean the inside of the shell and dry. how to make a candle holder, how to make concrete candle holder, concrete candle holder, concrete mold craft
  2. Place the intact end of the eggshell on a stand so that it stays still. You can use a plastic bottle cap. I used the adhesive tape. The egg will be the primary container. diy cement molds, diy concrete molds
  3. Take a long piece of cardstock paper, about 2 inches wide and the length would depend on the size of the egg. Go to next step to find out. concrete crafts, diy crafts
  4. Roll the cardstock strip and continue to roll or add more strips if required until reaching the radius of the selected candle. Once you’re done rolling the cardstock strip wrap the side and the bottom of the rolled strip with adhesive tape. This will be the secondary container. concrete candle holder, diy cement crafts, concrete projects

Pouring Concrete in DIY Concrete Molds

  1. Fill one-third of the eggshell with the cement mixture. casting cement, cement crafts, concrete crafts, diy concrete projects
  2. Put the secondary container (cardstock strip roll) right in the middle of the cement-filled eggshell and push it in gently. The secondary container should NOT touch the bottom of the eggshell; there should be at least half an inch gap between the bottoms of both containers. I suppose you coild also use an old wine cork for this as long as the size fits properly inside your egg cement mold. how to make a candle holder, concrete candle holder, diy concrete projects

Allow the cement to dry overnight; Better to wait 24 hours and let it dry entirely.

Once Concrete is Dry

  1. After a day (24 hours) the cement should be dry. Now take out the cardstock roll first. Simply twist it from the top end and take it out gently. diy cement molds, making concrete molds, diy concrete molds
  2. Now remove the eggshell carefully. This step might take a while, so take your time and remove the shell nicely.

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Creating a Stand for Your DIY Concrete Candle Holders

  1. Take the craft wire and make a small loop at the open end by using looping pliers. Wind the wire around the loop to create a twirling pattern. Stop winding the wire once it reaching the widest part of the concrete egg. Find gold craft wire HERE and craft pliers HEREgold wire, craft wire, concrete candle holders, candle stand
  2. Pull the outer loops of the twirl pattern upwards and keeping at least 3 loops at the bottom lay flat.   This will be the candle holder stand. diy candle holders, how to make small candle holders
  3. Place the candle holder on the wire stand. Place the candle in the holder. diy concrete, concrete projects, concrete molds diy, making concrete molds

Adding Paint to Your Concrete Candle Holders

  1. You can now paint your DIY cement candle holder however you’d like. Im using my favorite gold leaf paint to add a touch of glam on the edges. You can get this gold leaf paint HEREliquid gold paint, gold paint, paint for concrete, gold leaf paint
  2. Light it up and enjoy! cement molds, how to make concrete candle holders, gold paint, concrete molds

Unique Concrete Candle Holders

These would make a great gift or keep them for yourself and display them on your tablescape or mantle. concrete candle holders, DIY Concrete projects, concrete diy

Prefer not to DIY?

If you love the look of concrete candle holders but not up for the task of making them yourself, or simply don’t have the time? No worries, here are a few that you can get online.

Concrete Effect Votive Candle Holders found HERE 

Gold and Concrete Tea Light Candle Holder found HERE 

Gold Concrete 3 Candle Votive Set found HERE 

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See how easy it is to make concrete candle holders. DIY concrete projects are fun with simple cement molds using eggshells. Learn how to make a candle holder the easy way with DIY cement. #diyconcrete #concretecandleholders #concreteprojects #cementprojects #cementmolds #DIYconcreteprojects #DIYcementprojects #cementmolds #candleholder

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