How to Get Beautiful Results with Black Furniture Wax

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Black furniture wax is a great addition to painted furniture projects, especially those with ornate details. Antiquing painted furniture with furniture wax creates a dramatic effect and enhances existing details.

One painted furniture technique gaining popularity among DIY enthusiasts is the application of furniture wax, particularly black furniture wax, to painted pieces. This simple yet transformative process can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your furniture while adding depth and character to its finish.

In this tutorial, we’ll jump into the world of black furniture wax. I’ll be sharing its application techniques and the stunning results it can achieve on various painted surfaces. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice looking to embark on your first furniture restoration project, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to unleash your creativity and rejuvenate your home décor.

Get gorgeous results with black furniture wax on your painted furniture. See how to get that dark wax chalk paint furniture look and apply furniture wax to make those details pop. Antiquing painted furniture with furniture wax creates a dramatic effect like on this painted claw foot table. Applying furniture wax really brings out the details.#paintedfurniture #paintedfurniturebeforeandafter #furnituremakeover #furniturewax #blackfurniturewax

I never like to seal my painted furniture projects with just furniture wax. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use furniture wax to antique and enhance your painted furniture projects. I am sharing how to apply furniture wax to your painted furniture makeover to make those ornate details stand out. 

Supply List for Painting and Waxing a Wooden Table

This is a supply list for everything used in this project:


Vintage Claw Foot Table

This vintage claw foot table is pretty old and not in the best condition. I suppose that’s to be expected. Let’s take a good look at its original condition when it came to me. 

claw foot table, pie crust table, vintage table, furniture wax

It has great details for sure. Looks at those legs and feet! 

claw foot, claw feet table, wood table, ornate furniture,

And it’s mahogany, from the markings my guess is the 1920s or 1930s, but I could be wrong. I’m sure there is someone hating me right now for painting this beauty, but it really is in need of work. So I will do my best to make it pretty. 

imperial mahogany, mahogany furniture

Preparing the Mahogany Table for Paint

The first thing to do is to sand the tabletop. The table top has major discoloration and scratches which lead me to use the electric sander. This way I can smooth out the top as much as possible. I share a video of how I sand indoors without making a dusty mess in this post: The Best Tips & Secrets You Need to Know for Painting Furniture

painting old furniture, sanding furniture, prepping furniture for paint

Next, it’s time to clean. Since there are so many crevices with all of those gorgeous details I am grabbing an old toothbrush to get the dirt and dust out of these areas. 

clean old furniture with toothbrush, prep furniture for paint

When the toothbrush doesn’t fully cut it, grab a scrub brush 🙂 Here is my full process on How to Prep Painted Furniture

prep painted furniture, clean ornate furniture

Once you are satisfied with your sanding and cleaning we can move on.

Painting a Base Color on a Vintage Claw Foot Table

To be perfectly honest I have had a hankering to paint something red. It’s not often that anyone requests red so I’m doing it. But since Dixie Belle has so many gorgeous reds to choose from I may have to use them all. You can get them online HERE

dixie belle paint, red chalk paint, chalk mineral paint

When painting furniture I like to start by flipping the piece over when possible. This allows you to see what you are doing and paint the underside as well as the feet. This is another trick mentioned in The Best Tips & Secrets You Need to Know for Painting Furniture Before painting the table with the bold reds I start with a deep red wine color called Muscadine wine. Muscadine wine has great coverage and gives the table a nice rich base color. 

red chalk paint, non toxic paint, red wine paint

I do use my Scotch blue platinum tape to tape off the original mahogany label to preserve that bit of the table. I would hate to cover that up. 

painting a vintage table, painting a pie crust table, painting a wood table

Once the underside and legs are done you can flip the table back over onto its feet. The furniture tri-dollies fit perfectly under each claw foot making it easy to move the table around and I can stay put while I work. Find them HERE

red chalk paint, claw foot table, painted pie crust table, painted claw foot table

Adding Painted Layers on the Vintage Claw Foot Table

Go big or go home, let’s kick off these red with bright and bold Honky Tonk Red. 

honky tonk red paint, dixie belle chalk paint

After Honky Tonk Red is Barn Red. Make sure to sand in between coats of paint.  

sanding between coats, painting furniture, red painted furniture

The last red in the layering process is Rustic Red. 

red painted table, red painted furniture, dixie belle rustic red chalk paint

You can find more painted layers projects to see how I layer paint on furniture here: Painting Layers

paint layers, paint layers on furniture, layering paint, chalk paint

You will have a very red painted table by the time you finish. By using the dark muscadine wine first there is a darker shade inside the details as you can see. But I want more. 

painted pie crust table, vintage painted table, red painted table, red painted furniture

Sealing Your Painted Furniture Before Applying Furniture Wax

I am going to apply the clear sealer to this red painted table before attempting to add furniture wax

sealing painted furniture, clear coat, satin finish, dixie belle

Just like I apply sealer to all of my painted furniture projects I am using my favorite yellow sponge. You can get this same awesome sponge HERE

yellow sponge, sealing painted furniture

Since there are so many nooks and crannies in the ornate details I make sure to go over them with a clean chip brush to make sure that the sealer doesn’t pool in the details. 

chip brush to prevent pooling, how to seal painted furniture

You can see a full tutorial with video on how to apply clear sealer here: Sealing Painted Furniture 

sealing painted furniture, how to seal painted furniture, video tutorial

How to Use Black Wax on Painted Furniture

Now that our claw foot table is painted and sealed we are going to apply this black wax for furniture for added antiquing. 

black furniture wax, best dang wax, dixie belle wax, furniture wax

Waxing painted furniture doesn’t have to be an all or nothing. Since we already sealed the table with satin clear sealer we are not waxing the entire table. We are just going to pay attention to the edges, feet, and ornate details. In fact, I am not applying furniture wax to the table top center at all. Grab yourself a brush and a cloth. I am using a short stubby brush (find it HERE) and a lint-free cloth (find them HERE). Dab your dark furniture wax onto the painted table with the brush. 

black glaze over red paint, applying furniture wax, how to wax painted furniture, waxing furniture

Working in sections, cover the area with the furniture wax

how to apply wax to painted furniture, furniture paste wax, waxing painted furniture

Then go ahead and use your lint-free cloth to wipe the wax off of your painted furniture leaving the wax in the crevices. 

black furniture wax, dark furniture wax, get furniture wax off, remove furniture wax

Repeat this process over all of the ornate areas. You can get the best dang wax HERE.

black furniture wax, waxing chalk painted furniture

Here is a quick video showing how to apply furniture wax to painted furniture.


Black Furniture Wax on a Red Painted Table

By applying black furniture wax to our red painted table we add just enough depth and antiquing to create a beautiful finish. Enjoy the beauty shots of all the details. This table was donated to a local school for one of their fundraising events. Click here to see all of my projects that have been donated to support local fundraisers, schools, and charities: Donation Projects

furniture wax, waxing chalk painted furniture, black wax over red paint, black wax

Check out all of my furniture projects with over 90 painted furniture makeovers: Stunning painted furniture ideas.

best furniture wax, black furniture wax, dark wax for furniture, antique furniture wax

Applying black furniture wax on painted furniture opens up a world of creative possibilities for enhancing your home décor. Through this tutorial, we’ve explored the step-by-step process of using black wax to elevate the appearance of your furniture, from preparation and application to buffing and finishing touches.

antiquing wax, chalk painted furniture wax, black furniture wax, black glaze, waxing chalk painted furniture

By embracing this technique, you have the power to transform outdated or lackluster pieces into stunning focal points that command attention and admiration. The rich depth of using black wax can breathe new life into any painted surface, adding sophistication and character to your furniture collection.

black glaze on red chalk paint, red painted table with black wax, dark wax

As you embark on your own projects, remember to experiment, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the journey of transforming your living space. With each stroke of the brush and every buff of the cloth, you’re not just refurbishing furniture; you’re crafting a reflection of your unique style and personality.

furniture paste wax, black wax, dark wax, soft wax for furniture

So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on your black wax adventure. With patience, practice, and a touch of inspiration, you’ll soon discover the magic of this transformative technique, turning ordinary furniture into extraordinary works of art.

best wax for furniture, best dark wax, dixie belle wax, best dang wax, dark wax
dixie belle, dixie belle paint, chalk paint, chalk mineral paint, order paint, order dixie belle

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  1. I love the contrast from the red to the black wax! It looks so good, way to go girlie.

  2. Love those claw feet on that table! That furniture wax is really great stuff! Need to get some for some of my projects!

  3. Your tips for applying dark wax are so helpful! It really was the perfect finishing technique for all of the fabulous details on that table!

  4. Do you seal after applying the black wax?

  5. I just did a dresser with this technique. My wax was still buttery after 24 hours and so I buffed. I lost most of my beautiful black detail work. Do I not buff? Will it cure and remain similar to your piece as far as the black details on smoother surfaces?

    1. Im sorry that happened. I always buff immediately after applying. Maybe only buff a little bit?

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