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Painted Kitchen Island in The Perfect Shade of Red

Painted Kitchen Island – the Perfect Shade of Red

This kitchen island came to me a while back and has sat in my inventory since.  There have been many inquiries for it to be customized but nothing that ever turned into anything.  I decided that it’s time for a makeover. It is solid wood, very well made, sturdy and a bit too neutral in color.

Solid Wood Kitchen Island

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Before – The Unfinished Kitchen Island

Initially, I had hoped to leave the top in its original condition since the kitchen island itself is in beautiful shape. Unfortunately, it received a few too many scratches while being moved around in storage over the months. Before bringing the piece into my shop the top was sanded down to bare wood with my electric sander. Sand to Bare Wood

By sanding the top I now have a blank slate to work with and can darken it up as I see fit. The island top was stained using Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint protective wood stain teak.  I’ve created a time lapse video to show how easily Teak goes on bare wood.

After the first coat of wood stain, the surface was lightly sanded and then glazed with Sable protective glaze resulting in a rich espresso color. A few coats were applied to ensure optimum protection, assuming a kitchen island will get a bit more traffic than a dresser for example.

The Paint – the Perfect Shade of Red

The base of the kitchen island has a factory finish of off-white or cream.  It was first painted black using Derby, as a  solid dark base coat. Kitchen Island Painted Black, painted kitchen island, staten island

I then questioned myself and what was I thinking tackling a kitchen island with a fixed wine rack and such small areas to get into. I’ve concluded that a fixed wine rack is right up there with spindles in the ‘pain in the arse’ category. what-was-i-thinking, painted wine rack, kitchen island, new york

For the smaller areas, I used my bendable Cling on Brush and my short handle Wooster brush.  There’s nothing worse that painting a short area and the handle of the brush continues to crash into the opposite end because it’s too tall for the space.  The short angled brush is perfect for those short areas.Small Handle Paintbrush, paint small spaces, paint in crevicesI continue on..  the second coat applied was a deep, rich cranberry with Cranberry Bliss. Kitchen Island Painted Cranberry, pure home paint, chalk paint, painted island, wood kitchen island

Followed by a cherry red called Razorback red. Kitchen Island Painted Red, painted kitchen island, chalk paint, non toxic, pure home paint

I don’t want the kitchen island to be black, nor cranberry nor red which is why the colors were layered in this way. The entire island was distressed creating a unique layered look, where bits of each color peek through.Close up of Distressed Layers, painted kitchen island, wine rack

Lastly, the entire base was sealed and glazed using Sable protective glaze creating a finish that would compliment both a farmhouse style or Tuscan style kitchen.

The Result – Painted Kitchen Island

Believe it or not, this painted kitchen island had a difficult time selling. Many compliments, but no buyers. I suppose a kitchen island can be difficult due to different size and style kitchens. So, it was donated to the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce (where I am a member) for their Holiday Gala and raffled off. It went to a very sweet and grateful woman here on Staten Island. I always feel that a piece ends up where it is meant to be, and I think it was meant to go to her all along. (insert puffy heart here)

Painted Kitchen Island, staten island, for sale, just the woods, farmhouse, rustic

The dark espresso stained top with slightly distressed edges give such a warm feeling. kitchen island, staten island, for sale, espresso, farmhouse style

Glazed over red paint for extra charm. Farmhouse kitchen island, solid wood, staten island, nyc custom kitchen, staten island, just the woods, for sale, nyc Farmhouse Red Painted Kitchen Island Tuscan kitchen, staten island, rustic, painted furniture, for sale glazed kitchen, glazed, island, staten islandIsland Painted Deep Red and Glazed Red Painted Kitchen Island Rustic Painted Kitchen Island red kitchen island, buy, staten island, wood, wine Wine holder Painted Kitchen Island

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Farmhouse Style Red Painted Kitchen Island