Area Rugs under $100

Affordable Area Rugs Under $100

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Affordable Area Rugs Under $100

I have to admit that we are planning to completely redecorate our living room in the upcoming months. Originally the plan was the winter, then the spring, now it’s back to the winter. I can only hope that it will be soon. Our living room space is, for the most part, neutral browns, greens and I suppose you could say the ‘colors of Autumn’. The main source of color in the room, aside from toys would have to be the artwork on the wall.  Our chunky brown sofa is too large for the room. We do have great wood floors hiding underneath that oversized area rug.  The plan is to, hopefully after the new year, get a smaller sofa that doesn’t take up the entire room as well as change things up in the ways of paint, furniture, etc.  That project is still to come. So for the time being this is my living room.

brown living room, large sofa, staten island, brown and green room

I made sure to remove all of the toys from view for the photo. Off to the side is the kids’ toy box as well as a tall bookcase.  The large brown area rug has reached its life limit so to speak and needs to go.  I posted to Facebook and asked opinions on whether we should get a new area rug or keep the wood floors naked or not. Everyone almost unanimously voted for a new area rug, something smaller and with color.  I agree. These are the results of my affordable area rug search. Most are in the 5 x 7 size range, and under $100 price range.  Each area rug is linked in bold for you if you’d like more info on them.

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  1. Blue and Cream Area Rug – this area rug caught my eye because I’m already thinking ahead and it will be perfect for when we redesign the room.  blue and cream area rug, diamonds area rug, affordable, area rugs under $100
  2. Modern Colorful Abstract Area Rug – My eyes are constantly drawn to the gorgeous colors. colorful-area-rug, abstract area rug, modern rug, affordable rug, area rug under 1003. Bold and Fun Area Rug – I think after having a plain solid brown rug for so long I’m now looking in the completely opposite direction with color, bold and fun.  bold-and-fun-area-rug, colorful area rug, affordable area rugs4. Vintage Hazy Blue Area Rug– I love the soft appearance of this rug. vintage blue area rug, hazy gray rug, blue gray area rug, affordable rugs, area rugs under $100

    More Affordable Area Rugs

For a wider selection of affordable area rugs under $100 click (HERE)

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For more colorful and affordable area rugs available online, click (here)

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  1. Decisions Decisions

After searching and contemplating the colors in the room now, and the kids and their messes I decided to buy the Modern Colorful Abstract Area Rug. It’s very different from what we had, and it’s taking me a minute to get used to the change but I love the added color to the room along with the smaller size rug.  Our next sofa will be purple and the entire room will be different but I am very happy with this new look for the time being before the major project.

colorful area rug, colorful rug, brown sofa, affordable area rugs

*Prices may adjust based on sales, all prices in this affordable area rugs post are under $100 at the time of post.

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  1. Love your rug choice! And it’s going to look fantastic with the new couch. Was thinking about your artwork…I really like it and love the way it’s framed. Perhaps white-wash on the wood frames would make it feel brighter? Honestly, if you are painting the walls a light color, you may just want to keep them wood so they tie in with your coffee table. So just food for thought! Enjoying being able to go through this process with you! –Kat

    1. hey thank you!! I love those art prints and we built the floating wood frames ourselves! but I think we will actually get rid of them when we ‘re-do’ the room 🙁 . Theyve been on our wall already for about 6 years. I already have a few frames, art, a cement deer head and a Mora clock that I have to figure into the new room somehow (fingers crossed) lol. 🙂

  2. Nicole Martin says:

    I love your bold choice! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see the whole transformation!

    1. thank you! Ive slowly been ordering things and I just hope I can pull them all together when its time. Hubby keeps telling me to chill out but I see these great deals and can’t resist. I just hope it doesn’t end up looking like some crazy room in Pee Wees Playhouse 🙂

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