Eggplant Painted Parlor Table

Antique Parlor Table – an Eggplant Makeover

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Antique Parlor Table Makeover

Do you remember that barn in the Catskills? I saved a few items from this old barn. This antique parlor table is one, along with a few other amazing pieces, including a vintage desk that can be seen here – Desk Rescue in Memphis Blue.  But let’s get back to this parlor table.

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Eggplant Painted Parlor Table


Materials Needed / Source List:

Staging / Home Decor

The Before – Antique Parlor Table

This antique parlor table was not in the best of shape. The top had some damage, but aside from that it’s in great structural shape and has great details. Just look at the amazing wood pattern hiding underneath that imperfect top! I could see how someone may overlook how pretty this table really is.

antique-table-with-damaged-top, parlor table, vintate, staten island, nyc, manhattan, nj antique-table, damaged wood, vintage, furniture,

The Table Top

Naturally, the first thing to do was to sand the top down with my electric sander. Low and behold there was an amazing wood grain under there just waiting to shine again! before and after, damaged wood table, repair wood

To freshen up the top I applied a light brown wood stain. I wanted to make sure to preserve that gorgeous pattern in the wood and not go too dark with a stain. Tobacco road stain would work well for this. You can find great quality furniture paint and stain online HERE. An added bonus, when painting furniture, you want to make sure to use a quality non-toxic furniture paint.

dixie belle, dixie belle paint, chalk paint, chalk mineral paint, order paint, order dixie belle

The Legs

A custom mixed dark eggplant was mixed for the legs. This was done with equal parts of navy blue and cranberry chalk type paint.custom mixed eggplant paint, mix chalk paint, eggplant chalk paint

The legs were painted in this gorgeous deep purple eggplant but needed a little something more. The details on the table legs are amazing and I want to make sure that the end result reflects such. custom-mixed-eggplant, purple chalk paint, vintage furniture

The base was then sealed using a slightly tinted glaze and protective finish.  I also decided to go back lightly sand the top to a super smooth finish and add an additional gloss varnish on the table top for added protection. gloss-varnish, painted furniture, staten island, nyc

The Result – Eggplant Painted Parlor Table

This eggplant purple painted parlor table now sits in our living room and was part of our living room makeover.
Eggplant chalk paint, Painted Parlor Table, Just the Woods, purple chalk paint

wood grain, antique table, furniture restoration, burl wood, crotch

Eggplant chalk paint, painted table, vintage furniture, staten island, just the woods

burl wood, book matched, wood grain, antique furniture, restoration, chalk paint

repaired wood table, painted furniture, chalk paint, staten island, ny, nj

vibrant splatter, wood stain, non toxic paint, furniture store, staten island

eggplant painted table, glazed table, restored vintage furniture

Antique Painted Table, Matchbook Pattern Inlay

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Eggplant Painted Parlor Table Parlor Table Makeover by Just the Woods

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    Of all your beautiful makeovers, this is truly one of my favorites – just gorgeous!


    Of all your beautiful makeovers, this is definitely one of my favorites – just gorgeous!

  3. Stunning, who would have thought the purple would be so compatible with the top. Totally love the idea, and may use the technique on my kitchen table…grins, AFTER the holidays

  4. That is an amazing finish Kandice, I just love the depth of wonderful color and that you showcased the detail in the top, marvelous makeover!

  5. Deb Ashley says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful work.

  6. I have this exact table sitting in my garage I bought at a rummage sale 4 yrs ago…I tell everyone I am waiting for it to speak to me and tell me what it wants me to do with it! LOL and I think it has spoken…

    1. thats awesome! I love that feeling when something just clicks

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