Perfect Outdoor and Porch Lights Under $100

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Perfect Porch Lights

My house is falling apart! I feel a little bit like the little pigs with the wolf huffing and puffing to blow my house down. Ok, it’s not literally falling apart but the siding started coming off. During a storm, the siding will come off the house and then slam against the side of the house making a thunderous bang as if someone is trying to crash through the walls. Like fools, we would just put the siding back and go on about our day until the lightbulb went off that this is covered under our homeowner insurance. I’m not sure why it took so long for us to even come to this conclusion. Long story short we are having our house re-sided and need new porch lights to go with it. It seems silly to get new siding and keep the dated porch lights that were original to the house. Here are the ugly 1950’s basic lights that we have now. 

Original 1950’s Porch Lights

This is the ugly 1950’s basic ceiling porch light that we have now. ugly-dated-porch-light, staten island

This is the light outside the side door that has become the target for birds nests on more than one occasion. Every time hubby would knock down a nest those tenacious birds would build a new nest. ugly-porch-light

I’ll spare you the photos of my Three Little Pigs House falling apart because it’s quite embarrassing at the moment.

Perfect Porch Lights

Since I do almost all of my shopping online because store shopping with two little kids is enough to drive someone to drink, I’ve decided to share my search for the perfect replacement lights with you. I’m including a few of both the ceiling lights and the side lights. This post contains affiliate links, click the link to be directed to the item.

Disclosure: This perfect porch lights post contains affiliate links. 

  1. Close to Ceiling Porch Lightsea-gull-lighting-porch-light
  2. Galvanized Outdoor Lightgalvanized-outdoor-light
  3. Motion Sensor Outdoor Porch Light motion-sensor-outdoor-porch-light
  4. Motion Sensor Side Door Lightmotion-sensor-side-light
  5. Outdoor Bell Wall Sconceoutdoor-wall-sconce
  6. Bronze Outdoor Side Porch Lightbronze-outdoor-side-light
  7. Bronze Outdoor Cage Lightcage-outdoor-light, porch lights
  8. Industrial Style Porch Lightindustrial-porch-light
  9. Galvanized Porch Lightgalvanized-porch-light
  10. Weathered Bronze Outdoor Porch Lightweathered-bronze-outdoor-light
  11. Bronze Motion Sensor Lantern Lightmotion-sensor-lantern-light
  12. Outdoor Wall Lanternoutdoor-wall-lantern
  13. Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Lightoil-rubbed-bronze-outdoor-porch-light
  14. Galvanized Outdoor Cage Lightgalvanized-cage-light
  15. Crackled Glass Ceiling Porch Lightcrackled-glass-ceiling-porch-light

Do you have a favorite? I hope this helps you, I know I will be ordering from this list once I narrow down which ones we like. Our new siding will be gray 😉

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perfect-outdoor-and-porch-lights  perfect-porch-lights


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  2. Beautiful Lamps difficult to choose 2 3 7 13 and 14 good luck choosing your favourite.M

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