painted high chair, vintage high chair, non toxic paint, chalk paint

Baby Safe Products! Hand Painted High Chair

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Vintage High Chair

I was so happy when my customer contacted me and put her trust in me to paint her grandson’s high chair. It’s a good thing I only use non-toxic, VOC free, 100% safe products which are so important especially when it comes to our little ones. I sure wouldn’t want to eat off of something filled with toxic chemicals if I can help it and I’m guessing you wouldn’t either. It may not even be something we put much thought into in our day to day, but still important none the less.unfinished high chair, vintage high chair, high chair, painted high chair

The Project

She brought me her vintage high chair and chose Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint in slate, which is a creamy neutral gray with blue undertones. painted high chair, chalk paint, non toxic, staten island, ny, safe,

The first thing to do was remove the old straps that were attached to the seat since they were no longer functioning and also remove the hardware for the tray.vintage high chair, painted high chair, non toxic, chalk paint, nj, ny

As usual, the entire high chair was sanded and cleaned before getting started.  I then flipped it over to work on the underside first making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. painted high chair, chalk paint, vintage high chair, voc free paint

I also painted the tray in shifts so to speak, letting each side dry before flipping it back over to do the opposite side.  Who knew, paint containers make great stands too!chalk paint, non toxic, kristi kuehl, pure home paint, just the woods

Spindles are often a huge nightmare to paint but since these are chunky with so much detail they weren’t at all as bad as I had thought they would be. They have the perfect shape for distressing, which is exactly what I did.  I used my favorite flexible sandpaper to distress the entire high chair, which came in handy since there are so many curves and small areas to sand.  I also lightly sanded the rest of the piece to give a super smooth finish to the touch.distressed, chalk paint, high chair, just the woods, staten island, pure home paint

The tray hardware was reinstalled. It’s a good thing I took photos before removing them so I knew which way to put them back on properly.

vintage high chair, baby safe paint, chalk paint, non toxic, pure home paint, just the woodsThe high chair was then sealed for protection with clear satin protective finish. An extra coat was added to the tray since it will be getting the most traffic.

The Result

painted high chair, child high chair, vintage high chair, non toxic, safe paintSuch a darling transformation for a grandmother’s little guy.  painted high chair, vintage, high chair, chalk paint Baby Safe Products! Hand Painted High Chair by Just the Woods

My little ones just started summer camp and I admit that I can’t remember the last time it’s ever been so quiet around here.  It’s allowing me to be extremely productive but I also miss those loud crazy kids of mine!  I hope everyone is having a happy and safe start to the summer.  I only mention this because with them being out all day, I was able to borrow my daughter’s teddy bear to take photos.  All without worrying about her trying to steal it back mid shot. heheBaby Safe! Hand Painted High Chair by Just the Woods

Also, since we removed the original straps, a replacement high chair seat belt / safety hardness was ordered.  This will be going home with my customer as well to make sure her grandson is safe and belted in when using the high chair. safe strap, high chair strap, vintage high chair seat, baby safe

If you’re curious or interested in learning more about the paint line and it’s safety aspects you can read more here.   If you’re more than curious and would like to see the actual MSDS sheets you can find them here (in the technical stuff section).

Thanks for following along with me.  xoxo

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vintage high chair, painted high chair, non toxic, chalk paint  high chair, painted high chair staten island, non toxic, ny, just the woods Hand Painted Vintage High Chair with Baby Safe Products