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How to Paint White Distressed Shabby Chic Vintage End Tables

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White Distressed Shabby Chic Vintage End Tables. Painted furniture projects vary in style. But you cant go wrong with white shabby chic painted furniture

Painted Vintage End Tables in Classic Creamy White

shabby chic, painted tables, vintage tables, chalk paint, new york, staten island

I love how these chic vintage tables turned out!!  These vintage end tables have so much character and details on their own that sometimes keeping things simple with classic white is the key.  Trust me, though, they were nowhere nearly this pretty when they arrived.

The Before – Unfinished Vintage Tables

vintage end tables, shabby chic, unfinished tables, ornate deailsFor one thing, they desperately need proper cleaning and prep.  With the scroll detailing on the top I had to get creative!

shabby chic, new york, prep furniture, painted furniture

prep furniture, painted furniture, painted tables, clean details

Proper prep is imperative!  With a gentle mix of water, white vinegar, and soap I gave them a good scrubbing.

Shabby Chic – Vintage Chic Painted Tables

Once I was satisfied with the prep work, it was time to make them gorgeous with a creamy classic white.   I then distressed these vintage end tables to capture and enhance all the details and lines that were so easily lost and overlooked in their original condition giving them a shabby chic painted tables makeover.

       shabby chic, vintage chic, painted tables, distressed, white chalk paint, new york, staten island              distressed paint, shabby chic, vintage tables, painted tables, painted furniture, ornate, chalk paint

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Painted Hardware

The original hardware was dirty but intact,  very pretty and worked so nicely with the tables, I decided to clean them up and change them to a dark metallic silver.  I love how delicate they are, you don’t see hardware like this anymore! See my process for painting hardware HERE.

Vintage Hardware, painted hardware, how to paint hardware, vintage furniture


The Result – Vintage Painted Shabby Chic Tableswhite distressed, chalk paint, shabby chic painted tables, shabby chic, vintage, ornate, new york, just the woods

These old vintage end tables have been transformed from boring brown to chic and classic!!

shabby chic painted tables, white chalk paint, distressed, pure home paint, staten island

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 shabby-chic-painted-tables, distressed white, vintage tables, new york,

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  1. This is really nice, you never go wrong with pink. I looked at some of your other projects and they are equally as beautiful. Taking the time to clean them properly to make sure you work lasts and wears well is so important. Glad you pointed it out as a reminder as I can get too anxious to see the end result.

    Thank you for joining the #HomeMattersParty. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. The Copper Fox Lady says:

    I have a couple of questions! First of all these are gorgeous. I saw this post, immediately got on Craigslist, and found a piece almost exactly like these. I am looking forward to working on it this weekend. Couple of questions-what kind of paint did you use, and did you use sandpaper to distress?

    1. Yes I did use sandpaper to distress. and I think I added a link for the paint color on the post (let me double check) 🙂
      *edit – I did add a link at the bottom for White Linen 🙂

  3. Saurav Kal says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea and it is really amazing. Thank you so much. Looking forward for more such creative stuff.

  4. guidance point says:


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