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How to Make a DIY Book Box with Secret Storage

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DIY  Fake Book Box with Secret Storage

Vintage and decorative books and decorative book sets can be a unique addition to home decor. But what if you can’t get your hands on those gorgeous leather-bound vintage books with the pretty scroll detail on the cover? You fake it til you make it, that’s what you do! Adding a fake book to your decor or mixing in a faux book with secret storage works just as well. I use vintage books with staging all the time and I even have a stack of pretty decorative books in my living room

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How to Make a Fake Book Box for Home Decor

Simple Supplies

Before you begin you must gather a few simple supplies for your DIY faux book project. diy supplies, craft supplies, deco art, stencil

These paper mache book boxes are perfect for making a replica of the decorative books that you may stumble across in an antique shop but for much less. I scooped this one up for around $4.99!book box, paper mache book, fake book, faux book

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Painting A Faux Book

Choose your paint color and paint your book box both inside and out. secret book box, fake book, painted book, book box, secret storage, diy secret book box

Next, grab your decorative stencil. This doily stencil is the perfect for this book cover. Click here for more projects with STENCILSdeco art, americana stencil, doily stencil

Choose your paint color to compliment the faux bookdeco art paint, metallic paint, teal paint

Using the Deco Art metallic paint for the stencil will create a bit of an iridescent appearance. metallic stencil, iridescent, deco art, fake book, book box

For a more detailed tutorial on adding stencils to your painted furniture makeovers make sure to check out How to Stencil Painted Furniture. There’s even a video included in the post. how to stencil painted furniture, stenciling furniture, stencil tutorial, stencil with paint

Faux Book with Secret Storage

An added bonus to your DIY decorative book is the secret storage. If you like to hide your valuables but keep them close you can stash them inside your pretty book! 😉 secret storage, secret compartment, fake book, hiding spot, secret book box

DIY Decorative Book Box

If these were on display and you didn’t know any better, would you be able to tell the difference?

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Click here for more DIY projects and inspiration: DIY /Crafts.

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Do you love the look of fake books for decor but prefer not to DIY? You can find a variety of decorative book sets available HERE.

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  2. Terri Hughes says:

    Love the storage book box….very pretty. Hope the surgery goes well. Keeping you in my prayers!

  3. JaneEllen says:

    Looks really pretty with both shades of paint. I could get more use from my stencils painting paper mache’ books, great idea. Could hide my millions in one, hahaha.
    great project.

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