Super Easy DIY No Sew Curtains

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DIY No Sew Curtains

These no sew curtains aren’t just easy, they are super easy. It’s safe to say that they may even rank as one of the easiest DIY projects you could ever tackle. These DIY curtains are so easy that you only need a few simple things to get them done. I’ll give a quick back story on where we are using these super easy no-sew curtains. They are inside our no-frills rustic cabin. Welcome to our cabin in the Catskill Mountains. cabin, catskills, no sew curtains, diy

We bought this cabin a few years back from a couple of hunters who had all but abandoned it. It was NOT cozy at all, it was exactly what you would expect from a hunter’s cabin. Over time we gave it our own personal touch and made it quite cozy on a budget. It’s full of second-hand items and unique cabin decor. As you can see, it is rather dark inside with wooden walls, wooden planked floors, and a wooden ceiling. That’s a lot of wood. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for your ceonvenience. Click here for my full disclosure policy. no sew curtains, diy curtains, diy

The original window treatments that came with the cabin are a type of roll up bamboo blinds, which was fine until they stopped working properly. Since we rent the cabin out seasonally on the weekends my temporary note saying “broken blinds please don’t touch’ on a postcard and stuck into the roll just wasn’t cutting it. How embarrassing. We decided that it’s time to replace the broken blinds and let a little more light in.

   diy curtains, broken blinds, budget curtains

Super Easy DIY No Sew Curtains

Materials Needed / Source List

diy curtains, easy curtains, cloth curtains, dish towel curtains

Installing Simple DIY No Sew Curtains

Supplies don’t get much simpler than this! Once the old roll up bamboo blinds were removed I used the existing holes to install the brackets for the single curtain rod. Because it’s in a cabin I wasn’t too worried about an exposed hole in the wall.  easy curtains, dish towel curtains, no sew curtains

Since the dish towels come folded up you will most likely have visible folds or wrinkles. towel curtains, diy, no sew curtains, easy curtains

Since I’m ironing on the wooden kitchen table, I first placed a towel down to protect it. Then iron out all of the creases and folds in the dish towels because no one wants wrinkled curtains. The wooden table at the cabin was the first kitchen table that we built. We moved this table to the cabin when we built our current Reclaimed Barn Wood Farm Tablekitchen curtains, diy curtains, no sew curtains, easy curtains

Hanging Your DIY Dish Towel Curtains

Now that your creases are gone grab those curtain clips and slide them all onto the curtain rod. how to make no sew curtains, diy curtains, easy curtains

Next, attach your curtain rod to the hardware that you already mounted onto the wall and one at a time clip your dish towels. Easy peasy.

affordable diy curtains, easy curtains, make your own curtains

hang curtains, curtain clips, diy

This window is in the kitchen area of the cabin and took 6 dish towel curtains to adequately cover the window without overcrowding it. kitchen towel curtains, dish towel curtains, cabin curtains,

Easy No-Sew DIY Curtains

A few simple steps and we have quick and easy no-sew DIY curtains. It really is that easy. no sew, curtains, dish towel curtains, easy curtains, make curtains

Yes, that is a vintage light up beer sign over the refrigerator, there’s another over the stove! We like to call our decor style ‘cabin-tastic’. cabin decor, diy curtains, cabin curtains, easy curtains

blue and white curtains, easy curtains, no sew curtains

rustic cabin, cabin curtains, no sew, diy curtains, how to

diy curtains

Cabin Life

We try to make it to the cabin at least once a month to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can’t beat the mountain air, the evening fires, and the gorgeous views. Feel free to find out more about our simple cabin HEREneversink reservoir

This trip we attempted fishing at the reservoir. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a fish in sight, but that didn’t really matter anyway.

gone fishing gone fishing

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no sew curtains, diy curtains, kitchen towel curtains no sew curtains diy curtains, no sew curtains, dish towel curtains

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