Pretty in Pink Painted Headboard

Pretty in Pink Painted Headboard

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Pretty In Pink Painted Headboard

When a toddler gets her first ‘big girl’ bed its a big deal.  Especially when she’s your last baby.  When she asks for her headboard to be pink, naturally you give her pink.Pretty in Pink Painted Headboard

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When I found this headboard it was perfect.  It’s adorable, twin size and it does NOT have spindles. An additional bonus – it was only $25! Double win!  Immediately she told me that she wanted me to paint it pink.  She started to ask almost daily “when will me headboard be ready?”  At first, I hesitated with pink, but she’s three and it’s her bed so why not?

The Project – Using a Paint Sprayer for a Painted Headboard

Normally she and her brother are both banned from my workshop, but I made an exception this time and let her help with the prep work.  It lasted merely a few minutes and she was off onto something else.  Tea parties I’m sure.Prepping headboard for paint

I decided to use a paint sprayer for this makeover and will admit that this is my first time using a paint sprayer. It definitely takes a little getting used to, adjusting and just simply playing with it.  I always say that I will never experiment or try something new on a customer’s piece, which is also why this worked out so well.  Once the prep was finished and I hung my tarp I was ready to give it a go.  My first coat went on uneven, naturally, as I was still figuring it out I suppose. But once I got a bit more comfortable and sprayed the second coat it made a world of difference.  Once I was satisfied with coverage of the pink I decided to highlight a few areas with a light gray/white.Using a Paint Sprayer to Paint a Headboard

Then I spray sealed with a pearl finish, hoping to tone down the pink just a touch while giving a subtle shimmer.

The Result

A perfect pink painted headboard for a little girl’s first big girl bed.

Using a Paint Sprayer to Paint a Headboard

The painted headboard is definitely pink, but once we brought it to my daughters room it really looks nice with her comforter and she’s is over the moon with the end result.  I couldn’t ask for anything more!Pink Painted Headboard Using Paint Sprayer

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Pink Painted Headboard Using Paint Sprayer

Materials Needed / Source List

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  1. Ah… this is such a beautiful colour for a beautiful little girl – she’s gorgeous – as well as the bedhead you so beautifully painted 🙂 Do you mind answering a question? What did you use for the highlighting – specifically in the ‘grooves’ – i.e. a small brush or….? and did you use a glaze? Cos you need a very steady hand don’t you – I have done something similar to this, but I used a small brush with glaze so that if my hand was not steady – I could soon wipe off the glaze where it wasn’t wanted – and I just wondered if there was an easier way?

    I’ve never used a spray gun neither – just a bit scared really, but then I suppose it’s only paint and you can paint over it again. Do you think you will use a spray gun again or would you prefer the brush/roller? Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. hi! I use a small brush to paint in the grooves (I used paint, not glaze). I wipe away any paint that came over the edge.. You are doing it the same as I do 😉 .. The sprayer has a learning curve to it I suppose. I hand paint everything, but I can see how the sprayer makes things easier like spindles or getting into crevices.. I just used it as a base coat on a bookcase Im working on and then hand painted after the initial sprayed coat (I hope that makes sense)

      1. Hi Kandice thanks for the reply – glad to know there isn’t an easier way 🙂 Yes, I understand what you mean about using the sprayer as a base coat – at least by hand you know your going to get an ‘even’ coat 🙂 Thanks a lot for answering my questions – very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Hi again – I have just been onto Homeright and was also wondering, if you don’t mind answering, is – which sprayer you used and would you recommend it and is it easy to handle and clean? Sorry for asking you loads of questions, but I always think it’s better to get first hand knowledge 🙂

  3. This is so lovely and I’m having pink envy. All boys over here. I was charmed when you imitated your daughter’s speech. My youngest still says “me” instead of “I”. It’s too cute to correct. That headboard turned out beautifully and that shade is too pretty!

    1. Thank you !! I try to correct her but she wants no part of it. She refers to her brother as ‘him’ rather than ‘he’ and tells me husband “say me pretty daddy” lol. I want to keep her little <3

  4. I love the pink headboard! Best thing about paint – if you have to paint it every year or so it just doesn’t matter. It’s an easy way to help “me” express herself. She looks so happy!

    1. Thank you. I thought the same thing… It doesn’t have to be forever 🙂

  5. ???? Layla makes my heart happy ????
    I would have loved a pink “headbolt” when I was a “little”.

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