Elegant Painted Vintage Vanity by Just the Woods in Pink and Gold

Painted Vintage Vanity

Can I tell you that I hiked my butt all the way to Queens for this vintage vanity?  At the time it didn’t really seem like much at all.  It was missing the mirror, completely leaving its purpose questionable.  The original seller had sold it as a desk, but when I saw the rosettes inside, the gorgeous hardware, dovetail drawers, and straight lines I knew she had so much potential.

vintage vanity, unfinished vanity

Unfinished Vintage Vanity

Once all the hardware, rosettes, and hinges were removed she was fully cleaned, prepped and ready to be redesigned.  The prep work is always the most time consuming and least rewarding part but once it’s done the fun begins!

vintage vanity desk, vintage vanity, staten island

Adding a New Mirror in the Painted Vintage Vanity

Since this is supposed to be a vanity, a custom piece of mirror was cut for inside.  I was a bit nervous for this part since its a one shot deal.  I made sure to take the recommendation from the mirror and glass company and used their product to adhere the mirror inside. They informed me that using the wrong product down the line could eat away at the mirror silver and eventually ruin it..  who knew?

how to glue a mirror to vanity, painted vintage vanity

When it came time to attach the mirror I took the extra precaution and laid down the piece, measured, leveled, attached and taped to make sure that it wouldn’t shift or move while drying.  Once I knew it was secure I stood her back up.

vintage vanity, elegant vanity, staten island, painted furniture, chalk paint

Painted Vintage Vanity Makeover

She was painted a custom mixed soft pink with light pink on the drawers.  The hardware was thoroughly cleaned and refreshed to gold.  A very subtle gold hue goes all around the top trim of the piece.

Painted vintage vanity by Just the Woods, pink and gold

She was then distressed to perfection bringing attention to all the straight lines.

pink vanity, painted vintage vanityDisclosure: this painted vintage vanity post contains affiliate links.

A last minute decision was also made to line the drawer with this gorgeous lyrical print in shades of gold which works perfectly with the gold hardware and style of the piece.  This print can be found here through my affiliate link.Fabric lined drawerDecoupaged fabric lined drawer

Painted Vanity in Vintage Elegance

With her new mirror in place, she is now a true example of vintage elegance.Painted vintage vanity, pink vanity, staten island

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