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Hello, this is me.

Hey, there and welcome to my blog!  I’d like to introduce myself.

Just the Woods / owner/ artist/ blogger / mom / wife / veteran/ retail partner Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint
Just me. It’s no surprise there’s paint on my face

I’m Kandice – I’m a mom of two wild, happy, loud and full of energy little ones (Jackson-6 and Layla-4) – I feel I need to update this as they keep growing on me. You will surely hear about them, here and there if you follow along.  I’m a Navy veteran- I served 5 years active duty in an FA-18A fighter jet squadron down in Virginia back in the 90’s, and then a few years in the reserves afterward.  I’m a wife to my supportive husband who is often my muscle for heavy items and thief of my tools. Lastly, I’m the artist behind Just the Woods, LLC.  For those who know me,  or those who have met me for the first time when picking up a piece,  or even out and about- I’m often covered and I mean COVERED in paint.  My clothes, my hands, my arms and sometimes even my face.  Some would say (*my husband would say) I look like a hot mess, but that’s ok because my little ones are fed, bathed, dressed and happy.  I can be a little all over the place.  Sometimes I think I have so many ideas in my head that I can’t keep up with myself.

What to Expect

As far as starting a blog and what you can expect ..  I can say a few things for certain – I use only nontoxic products, paints, sealers, stains, etc. There are so many products out there and I’ve found that one that works for me.  I’ll share more as we move along.  I do plan to share projects and some of the insanity that goes on behind them, the things that lead up to the final photos.  I say insanity because my days are filled with screaming, baths, peanut butter and jelly, potty accidents, and wrestling kids in and out of car seats, oh and laundry, plenty of laundry.  The majority of my work is done at nap time while the little ones sleep.  I do not plan to give spoon fed tutorials and how to’s.  When people ask advice on how to do certain things or how to achieve certain finishes or different techniques, etc –  the best advice I can honestly give is to make a mess, experiment, try something, anything, make a decision, find your OWN style and go with it.

I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured in a magazine as well as numerous websites.. you can check it out here if you’d like: FEATURED

You can see my portfolio of past work here: PAST WORK

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