Vintage Painted Dresser with Yellow Drawers

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Vintage Painted Dresser with Yellow Drawers

With snow on the way, I put my big girl pants on and managed to get this vintage dresser out of my truck, down a flight of stairs and into my shop ALL BY MYSELF! It wasn’t easy, I did it in steps and I managed to not trip and fall while doing it, considering I do have a habit of falling up the stairs. Rewinding to how I came upon this piece in the first place, it was saved from an old barn in the Catskills where it was left alone and underappreciated for its vintage appeal. It was previously used as a buffet to store linens, in this barn turned living space. Until now. the barn, catskills barn, old barn, upstate new york Continue reading Vintage Painted Dresser with Yellow Drawers

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Painted Lamps – One Layer at a Time

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Painted Lamps – One Layer at a Time

I thought I could force these lamps to match my living room. All I had to do was change the color because painting lamps is a thing. It’s possible, it can be done and it will look great. Wrong. Well, only wrong in the case of making them match the room, but I was correct on all other aspects. Just look at the detail on these lamp bases, they are gorgeous but dark.

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Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party #79

Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party #79

Welcome to Welcome Home Wednesday number 79! I hope everyone is having a great week! Let’s get this party started. Welcome back to another Welcome Home Wednesdays, where you get to show off what you’ve been up to, from DIY projects, furniture makeovers, crafts, food recipes and all things awesome. The party will start each Wednesday at 7am CST (or 8am EST for those of you in my neck of the woods).  There are so many amazing projects to check out.  I do hope that you decide to come back week after week!! We APPRECIATE you!!  Continue reading Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party #79

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Reupholstered and Painted Vanity Seat

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Reupholstered & Painted Vanity Seat

When I think stripper or stripped I think Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. I don’t think of screws, there’s nothing worse than stripped screws. (If you didn’t get the Channing Tatum/Magin Mike reference, google it and you’re welcome 🙂 )This little vintage seat was sitting in my inventory and is an ideal extra addition to my living room makeover. Since we removed the giant sectional sofa I figured that having a small accent piece that could be used for additional seating when necessary would be perfect. unfinished-stool, vintage vanity seat, painted vanity seat, vanity stool

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Perfect Outdoor and Porch Lights Under $100

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Perfect Porch Lights

My house is falling apart! I feel a little bit like the little pigs with the wolf huffing and puffing to blow my house down. Ok, it’s not literally falling apart but the siding started coming off. During a storm, the siding will come off the house and then slam against the side of the house making a thunderous bang as if someone is trying to crash through the walls. Like fools, we would just put the siding back and go on about our day until the lightbulb went off that this is covered under our homeowner insurance. I’m not sure why it took so long for us to even come to this conclusion. Long story short we are having our house re-sided and need new porch lights to go with it. It seems silly to get new siding and keep the dated porch lights that were original to the house. Here are the ugly 1950’s basic lights that we have now.  Continue reading Perfect Outdoor and Porch Lights Under $100