How to Paint a Masculine Blue Dresser for a Man

How to Add a Masculine Touch to an Old Dresser

To some, this may just be a navy blue dresser, but to one man, it may be more. A step in a new direction, so to speak. You see, sometimes a man loves a woman and after a lifetime together one of them passes away. It’s sad, it’s lonely and it eventually happens to all of us. It’s something we don’t talk about or look forward to but it is life. Often the one left behind is left to pick up the pieces and has to figure out how to go on without their other half. Possibly updating or replacing the bedroom furniture is just a small step in moving on. This vintage chest on chest dresser is a wise choice for a man looking to add a masculine touch to his once peach bedroom.  how-to-paint-dresser, how to paint a dresser, blue dresser, new york

Materials Needed / Source List:
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Prepping the Vintage Dresser for Paint

This vintage, chest on chest tallboy was another warehouse save. There was a warehouse full of vintage furniture that I had the opportunity to scour through. Woohoo, it was fun. I almost didn’t take this piece, but I’m glad I made some room and squeezed it into my truck. It’s transformation really is something.
maple-tallboy-dresser, vintage dresser, painted dresser

When this vintage tallboy was brought into the shop and I discovered that the drawers had been protected with a paper liner. The paper liner actually crumbled as I removed it from the drawers. Such a small bit of history of this dresser, yet it served such a purpose because it managed to keep inside the drawers in great shape. I can’t help but wonder about the person who lined these drawers many years ago. I like to think it was an older woman like my late grandmother, but who knows. Sometimes it’s fun to think about the history of a piece, or create a story based on the small bit of evidence left behind. old-paper-liner, vintage dresser, staten island, painted furniture

After removing the paper liner, the hardware was also removed and the entire piece was sanded and prepped in my standard How to Prep Painted Furniture fashion. wood-dresser-sanded-and-cleaned

Blue is a Good Choice for a Masculine Painted Dresser

The dresser and drawers were all painted in Sailor by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. Sailor is a bit of a royal blue.  pure-home-paint-sailor, blue chalk paint

I had a feeling that this blue was a bit too ‘young looking’ and less older man blue so I sent a photo to my customer. My feeling was correct, my customer agreed that this painted blue dresser appears to be more of a little boy blue and we wanted more of an adult masculine blue. Who knew blue had so many shades relating to age. 😛 krisit-kuehl-pure-home-paint-sailor, blue painted furniture, blue dresser, painted blue dresser

Navy is a Better Choice for a Masculine Painted Blue Dresser

Luckily, this is an easy fix. With a 1:1 ratio mix of Derby and Sailor I was able to create a more grown-up navy blue. custom-navy-chalk-paint, painted furniture, new york, pure home paint

The second coat applied was this deeper, more appropriate navy color. navy-painted-drawersThe entire dresser was lightly sanded between coats for a smooth finish. But the dresser is not being distressed so I was careful to apply minimal pressure with a fine grit sandpaper. sand-smooth, blue painted dresser

The Hardware Dilemma

Initially, the plan was to keep the original hardware and paint it pewter. But after the regal navy blue paint job, the old hardware simply did not do the dresser any justice. Thanks to D. Lawless and their amazing selection of drawer pulls I was able to replace the old vintage hardware with these Rustic Old World Pewter pulls. They are a much better fit for this painted navy blue dresserpewter-hardware-pulls-d-lawless, pewter hardware, d lawless

The new pulls have a chunky manly feel about them, don’t you agree?
pewter-hardware, navy painted dresser, blue painted dresser, just the woods, blue dresser, painted blue dresser

Painted Furniture Quick Tip

A quick note about vintage wooden dressers. Many vintage dressers have wooden drawer tracks, and when wood rubs against wood it could stick over time. One of the drawers of this blue painted dresser stuck just a little bit. So as an added precaution, I rubbed all of the tracks on all of the drawers and any spot where wood rubbed against wood, with Daddy Vans Furniture Polish. It’s a soft all natural beeswax that smells lovely and after a small application, the drawers glide like a dream.  daddy-vans, sticking drawers, beeswax

The Result – a Masculine Navy Blue Painted Dresser

With a little paint and hearty hardware, this vintage dresser is given a masculine touch. navy-dresser, blue painted dresser, blue painted furniture, blue dresser, painted blue dresser painted-furniture-new-york, pewter hardware, vintage furniture, tallboynavy-painted-furniture, blue dresser, painted blue dresser, blue painted tallboy, just the woods, staten island painted-furniture-staten-island, navy blue painted dresser, vintage furniturenavy-blue-mens-dresser, vintage golf clubs, mens dresser, painted dresser

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How to Add a Masculine Touch to an Old Dresser by Just the Woods navy-blue-dresser