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Cranberry Painted Bookcase with Added Stencil

Cranberry Painted Bookcase with Gold Stencil

There’s wood and then there’s not wood. I always make it a point to do my best to acquire quality vintage wood pieces of furniture. But often things in stores today fall into the not wood category and my customers still want change, an update or something different. There’s no reason why their not wood can’t be updated too! 

Materials Needed:
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The Before – Unfinished Bookcase

This cute little bookcase with curvy feet was dropped off by a repeat customer for a makeover. The bookcase is not old, in fact, it seems rather new and made of MDF, but she wants to veer away from the standard white and give it a little more personality.  unfinished bookcase, cranberry, chalk paint, bookcase, staten island, shabby chic, stencilEven though this bookcase is made of MDF and not solid wood, it can still be painted with the proper prep and products.

Prepping MDF aka ‘Not Wood’ for Paint

The bookcase received the standard prep of sanding and cleaning, just like any other piece of furniture would be prepped for paint. Since the original finish is white, my sponge shows the residue of the finish during prep. prep, sand, clean, painted furniture, paint mdf

Cranberry Bliss by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home paint was the chosen color for this project! This color is the perfect combo of traditional, rich and elegant.

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In addition to this gorgeous paint color, my customer was inspired by a previous piece that was recently finished in cranberry with a floral gold stencil. I’m sure you can see where we are heading. This Ethan Allen Painted Buffet with a gold stencil really caught my customer’s eye.
Cranberry, Painted, Ethan Allen Buffet, Gold Stencil

The Process – Painting an MDF Bookcase

The bookcase was painted cranberry bliss, this was after the first coat. It pretty much looks gross with only one coat. EWWWWpainted bookcase, cranberry, chalk paint, paint mdf, how to paint mdf

Painting a dark color over a white surface takes more than one coat. As a matter of fact, I applied three coats to be safe before sealing this cranberry painted bookcase. painted bookcase, cranberry bliss, chalk paint, shabby, staten island, nyc, nj, just the woods

Once the bookcase with painted cranberry the floral stencil was added on the sides of the piece in metallic gold. stencil, gold stencil, metallic stencil, painted furniture, stencil on chalk paint

The Result – Painted Cranberry Bookcase

The white factory finish is a thing of the past.

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If you love this stencil you can find it HERE. And to see other projects where this same stencil was used, be sure to check out Ethan Allen Buffet and Custom Painted Cranberry Credenza.

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