Painted Turquoise Desk, vintage desk, painted desk, staten island

Turquoise Painted Desk with Gray Wash Top

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Vintage Painted Turquoise Desk with Gray Washed Top

Materials Needed:

Staging / Home Decor

This vintage desk had been sitting in my inventory for around a year. It’s gorgeous with a combination of robust curves and sleek lines. While waiting for my next custom piece to be dropped off I decided to pull this desk from inventory for a makeover. vintage desk, unfinished desk, wood desk, staten island, nyc

The Before

The top of the desk had a gorgeous wood grain pattern that I wanted to preserve if possible. There are also scratches on the top that needed to be sanded away.

scratches, damaged desk, vintage desk

My trusty electric sander removed the scratches while revealing a really unique patterned grain.vintage desk, burl wood, wood grain, vintage furniture,

While pondering what color to finish the base of the desk I posted to my Facebook page for suggestions.  It was there that the desk was scooped up for custom. This will now become a painted turquoise desk with a gray washed top, how fun!

The Process

The top of the desk was given a gray wash using Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint in Stone. The gray wash initially was a bit too light in my opinion. We will come back to that. white wash, gray wash, chalk paint, pure home paint, stone paint

Next, the body of the desk is hand painted in Skye, which is a light tiffany blue color.

pure home paint, skye, tiffany, chalk paint, painted desk, turquoise desk

After Skye, a bolder turquoise called Cyan is added over top of it. Doing this will create a bit of depth. turquoise chalk paint, painted desk, vintage desk, blue paint, tiffany,

To darken up the top while still revealing some of the wood grain underneath I went over the stone wash with Ebony protective glaze. The ebony glaze added just the right amount of darker gray to the top.ebony glaze, black glaze, chalk paint, painted desk,

The Hardware

The original hardware was kept, cleaned and painted in the same stone gray that was used for the wash on top. Silver opulence was then added over stone, giving a slight metallic finish to the hardware.

painted hardware, silver painted hardware

Bits of the lighter blue were revealed underneath the darker turquoise when distressed. This little detail creates both a bit of depth and character. layering chalk paint, turquoise desk, blue desk, painted desk, vintage desk

The Result

Turquoise Painted Desk, vintage desk, painted desk, just the woods, staten island painted desk, tiffany blue, painted furniture, shabby chic, nyc stone washed, white washed, painted desk, vintage painted furniture, just the woodspainted-turquoise-desk by Just the Woods Vintage Painted Turquoise Desk Painted Turquoise Desk by Just the Woods turquoise-painted-layers vintage-painted-deskGray washed Top on Painted Desk Vintage Painted Turquoise Desk with Gray top

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