Painted Media Console in Sunshine Yellow

Painted Media Console in Sunshine Yellow

Painted Media Console in Sunshine Yellow

This media console is part of our living room makeover. Initially, I had plans to replace it with a piece from my inventory. I figured I would sell this one and grab an unfinished piece from my stash to paint, but that just seemed wasteful since this media console is barely two years old. Hence the final decision to keep this and jazz it up a bit, besides it has an electric fireplace, so in hindsight, it was a no-brainer to keep it.

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The Before – Unfinished Media Console with Electric Fireplace

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I do love this tv stand set up, but hate how dark it is. I ordered it online a couple of years ago and love the electric fireplace inside since we don’t have a real fireplace in our home. You can get one (or something similar) HERE if you love it too.

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Materials Needed / Source List:

Painting the Media Console

To start, the electric fireplace was removed from the center and the glass was removed from the side doors, as well as the hardware. I was then able to lightly sand the entire piece and get it cleaned before painting. I do confess that I often cut corners when I work on my own projects for my home for a few reasons. For starters, I like to ‘test’ the product and see how well it holds up if I don’t do a thorough prep, I also know that if for some reason it doesn’t hold up I can always easily fix it if necessary. I am happy to say, though, of all the finished pieces in my home where I have cut corners, everything has held up beautifully, even with my two wild kids. This is my full process for How to Prep Painted Furniture.

unfinished-media-stand tv stand, media console, tv console, painted furniture, painted media console, painted tv stand, bright yellow chalk paint

I multi-tasked with this project and worked on both the wall and the media console at the same time. As one waited to dry, I worked on the other, and vice versa. There’s nothing like trying to remodel an entire room with two kids in the house. Eeeek

painted-tin-kettle-wall, painted media console, pure home paint, saffron, yellow chalk paint

The media console was painted with Saffron by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. It is a true sunshine yellow! I am not even a yellow loving kind of girl, but this color is amazing. Considering I had to cover such a dark color piece, I pretty much expected the media stand to need three coats, so I was mentally prepared for that 😉  As you can see I also painted in the living room, so wheelies and a drop cloth were a must. saffron, yellow chalk paint, media console, staten island, painted furniture, new york

Painting Little Details – White Glaze

Once I was satisfied with my bold yellow paint finish I decided to add a subtle white glaze in the crevices. I chose Alabaster, a pure stark white to paint in the crevices and then wipe away immediately with a rag to leave just a touch of white in the creases. The piece was then lightly distressed along the edges and sealed for protection. I chose to mix both Matte and Satin protective sealers for this piece.

yellow-painted-furniture, glazed details, white details, white and yellow painted furniture, just the woods  white-glaze-on-yellow-furniture, white detail, yellow and white paint, painted media console

The inside of the side cabinets were also left unpainted because I prefer to keep them dark. Painting inside would allow you to see all the crap things that are kept in there and I prefer those random items be less visible.

The Result – Painted Media Console in Sunshine Yellow

I confess that I am smitten with this color.

home-depot-electric-fireplace-painted-yellow, painted tv stand, painted media console, bright yellow, yellow and white painted furniture, chalk paint, pure home paint, saffron yellow-chalk-paint, painted media console, painted media stand, painted furniture, staten islandyellow-and-white-painted-furniture, painted media console, yellow, staten island, new york, shabby chicyellow-furniture-on-gray-wall, yellow painted furniture, electric fireplace, media center, new york

Painting the wall was also part of the room makeover and if you would like to see how I achieved that matte cloudy finish, you can find that post here –  Cloudy Painted Wall with Lime Paint.

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