painted vanity seat, reupholstered seat cushion

Reupholstered and Painted Vanity Seat

Reupholstered & Painted Vanity Seat

When I think stripper or stripped I think Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. I don’t think of screws, there’s nothing worse than stripped screws. (If you didn’t get the Channing Tatum/Magin Mike reference, google it and you’re welcome 🙂 )This little vintage seat was sitting in my inventory and is an ideal extra addition to my living room makeover. Since we removed the giant sectional sofa I figured that having a small accent piece that could be used for additional seating when necessary would be perfect. unfinished-stool, vintage vanity seat, painted vanity seat, vanity stool

Materials Needed / Source List:
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Reupholstering a Vanity Seat – Obstacles

I knew all along that I wanted to use the leftover fabric from my china cabinet project that I received from Spoonflower but I hadn’t decided on a paint color just yet. I decided to start with the reupholstery and would go from there. This is where I ran into my first obstacle. The screws that held the cushion seat to the base had been completely stripped and there is no screwdriver in the world that would be able to remove them. (At least no screwdriver in my collection of screwdrivers). I had to break out my electric drill and screw extractor set. screw-extractors, dewalt drill, remove stripped screws

Once the screws were removed you can see how they look after using the screw extractors (such a nifty tool). stripped-screws, screw extracor

The next obstacle in my path is the abundant amount of staples to be removed. The previous upholstery consisted of the fabric that covered the seat as well as an additional trim resulting in double the staples.

old-upholstery, remove staples, reupholstering a vanity seat

The easiest way that I could think of was to use a small flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers to pull out the staples. pliers-to-remove-staples, reupholstering a seat, new fabric seat

Reupholstering a Vanity Seat

Once I was past the obstacles I could finally move on to the pretty part and recover the cushion. I laid out the fabric and the seat to see how I wanted the pattern to sit on the cushion and then wrapped and stapled the new fabric with my electric staple gun. This is the extent of my reupholstery skills which doesn’t say much 🙂  electric-staple-gun, reupholster a vanity seat, simple reupholstery, how to reupholster, painted vanity seat

Painted Vanity Seat Legs

Now that my seat cushion was reupholstered I had to decide on a color for the legs. I had turned to my Facebook friends for their opinions. I confess that didn’t help and only made the decision harder because they all had so many good suggestions. If you click this photo you will see what I mean. (or click HERE)

paint-legs, decisions, how to reupholster

In the end, I decided to play is safe and use the same custom color that I had used on my china cabinet makeover. custom-purple-gray-paint, chalk paint, eggplant paint, painted legs, vintage furniture, painted vanity seat

Once I painted and sealed the legs I was able to put the painted vanity seat back together. Since my previous screws had been stripped I ran to the hardware store for new screws. screw-back-together, reupholstering a cushion seat

The Result – Reupholstered and Painted Vanity Seat

dark-purple-painted-furniture, painted vanity seat, vanity bench, reupholstered stool eggplant-painted-seat-with-upholstery, painted furniture, reupholstered seat, vintage furniture purple-painted-furniture, spoonflower fabric, spoonflower, painted seat with cusionpurple-painted-china-cabinet, painted vanity seat, vintage furniture, new york, staten island, nyc, mora clockpurple-gray-painted-bench, painted stool, painted bench, cushioned seat with painted legs, chalk paint, purple paint

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