Sophisticated Solid Wood Side Table

Sophisticated Solid Wood Side Table

This solid wood side table was nothing to write home about at first.  It was a basic half circle accent table with decorative medallions.  I wanted to make it special or simply sophisticated. cherry half circle table, accent table, solid wood side table

Giving a Little Table a Lot of Personality

After sanding, cleaning and prepping I decided on a custom mixed dark gray color with a hint of blue gray.  Gray is a big hit lately, neutral but not white!

solid wood side table

But if you know me, or follow my work you know that I always like to add something to make a piece stand out!  So I went with this gorgeous textured damask print for around the sides and back.

sophisticated side table, decoupage

The decorative medallions were changed from gold to dark metallic silver.

cherry half circle 2      12042920_941488539241938_2742610370540231449_n

This dainty little table went from basic to elegant…  Simply Sophisticated!