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Painted Media Console with Image Transfer

Painted Media Console with French Image Transfer

I was forced to face my fears with this painted media console makeover. It’s not too often that I have to completely deconstruct a piece prior to working on it. And thank goodness, because it can be a bit scary. As I slowly take everything apart I secretly pray that I will be able to put it back together again the right way. I meticulously keep each and every piece separate from one another and label them accordingly. Somehow this still isn’t always enough. Much to my surprise, I also didn’t realize that this would be the case for this media console until after it arrived. modern-media-console-unfinished

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Just a little Media Console Info

First things first. This modern media console, originally made by Ethan Allen is much heavier than it looks. That’s where helpful husbands come in. Once brought into the shop, the heavier than it appears piece was propped up onto my furniture dollies so I could easily scoot it around to work on it. I should also mention that this makeover is the last of three for one customer. She also had her Painted Pineapple Pedestal Table and Painted Bench with French Stencil finished. If you decide to check those out, you will get a better feel for the customer and the look that she is hoping for by making her dark furniture lighter. Moving on.

Taking Apart the Media Console to Paint

Thankfully, the back of the media console had removable panels which were the first to come off. This allows me a little bit easier access inside the storage area of the piece. remove-back-panels

The glass in the doors was held in by rubber strips that peeled out easily. Once all of the rubber strips were removed the glass inserts came right out as well.pull-out-rubber-strips

The next part was a bit scary. Removing the doors! I’m often terrified that they will never go back in the same way and open and close smoothly. I made sure to take a few extra photos of how they were installed to use as a reference if needed later on. door-hinge-hardware

To make sure not to screw things up I also kept the hinge hardware separate and labeled the bowls so I know which hinge goes where when it’s time to put them back. separate-door-hardwareThe shelves inside the media console were also held in place by screws. While removing them I made a note of which shelf came from which side when I placed them off to the side. I bet it seems like I’ve thought of everything and covered my tracks right? Nopeshelves-and-backing

I even taped off the power strip that was affixed inside the back of the storage area of the media console to protect it.power-strip-taped

Painting the Media Console Prior to Image Transfer

The entire piece was fully prepped and taped off. See my entire process on how I Prep Painted Furniture. We plan to leave the dark metal legs alone so those were taped to keep them clean and the top was taped as well. prepped-and-tapedThe top of the media console along with the shelves for inside were painted in a Vintage Lace, a creamy off white by Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint. vintage-lace-on-media-console-top

The body of the media console was hand painted both inside and out in ByGone Blue.  bygone-blue-pure-home-paint

One thing I have never claimed is to be a neat painter. 🙂 Sometimes I don’t even know how this happens. I get paint on my legs, and I swear I’m wearing pants. How paint manages to make its way all over my body is something I will never know. messy-painting

Adding a French Image Transfer

Before applying the image transfer I sealed the top of the piece with Clear Matte Protective sealer, and lightly sanded. The image transfer is actually left over from another project. The great thing about these image transfers is that you can use a portion and save the rest for something else, which is exactly what happened here. I first used this particular image on the Image Transfer on Painted Toy Box. In that project, I only used a portion of the transfer itself and was able to use the rest for this project. The toy box post includes a video tutorial as well if you’d like to check that out.

With the remainder of the image transfer, I trimmed the portion that I plan to use and set it aside. I then measured and marked with chalk where the center of the media console is. Chalk is always the easiest choice for me because it easily wipes right off when done. mark-with-chalk measure-and-mark-with-chalk

Once I had my center marked, I placed my french image transfer down for proper placement on the media console. Now that I have my placement I can go ahead and transfer the image. I confess, that I did do a video while applying the image transfer, but I was so tired while doing it that I sounded drunk and couldn’t bring myself to share it. place-image-transfer

After the image was thoroughly transferred to the media console I added another coat of clear sealer, lightly sanded again and sealed again.

Putting Everything Back Together

Remember I thought I covered all of my bases while taking this apart? Well, the back panels were put back on, no problem there. The magnetic door close pieces that were also removed were screwed back in, they were easy to just line back up to the old holes. magnetic-closeThe doors were reattached with the fancy hinges. That step was surprisingly easier than I had expected. install-hinges

And the shelves were placed back inside and screwed into place. reinstall-fixed-shelf

Wait a second! They are uneven! The center shelf and the side shelves are not lined up properly. Of course, it wasn’t until they were all screwed back in place that I noticed that the side shelves were flush to the front and the center shelf was back about an inch. shelves-offline

Can you feel my pain? I then went back and removed the side shelves because those were, in fact, the ones installed incorrectly, and I flipped them around and reinstalled them the right way. Back together at last. adjusted-shelf

Final Touches

The entire painted media console was distressed along the edges and sealed for protection. The old hardware was also removed and replaced with a pair of dark knobs that seem to suit the piece much better and tie together with the dark words from the image transfer and the dark leg base creating a perfect balance. hardware

The Result – Painted Media Console with French Image Transfer

All that deconstructing and reconstructing paid off. This painted media console is ready to head home.cream-and-blue-painted-furniture, painted media console, new york, painted furnitureiod-image-transfer media-console-storage modern-media-console painted-ethan-allen-furniture, painted media console, image transfer, just the woods painted-ethan-allen-media-console painted-media-console-bygone-blue painted-media-console-with-image-transfer, painted media console, staten island

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