15+ Fantastic and Fun Mod Podge Projects You Need to Try

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Have you heard of mod podge? If you have been DIYing or crafting for any amount of time, then my guess is yes. But if you are new to DIY you may wonder what is mod podge? Well, it’s an amazing decoupage medium. An even simpler explanation is that it is a type of glue to attach fabric, paper, and other materials to other various materials. All in all it is really a very versatile product that allows you to do so many things.

Mod podge projects and endless ideas. Create decoupage furniture makeovers with mod podge glue or unique upcycles with mod podge. #modpodge #modpodgeprojects #modpodgedecoupage #whatismodpodge

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Fabulous Mod Podge Projects

When it comes to using mod podge the possibilities are endless. Mod Podge uses are most commonly used for decoupage crafts. I can say that personally, I use mod podge for all of my decoupage furniture projects. But you can use mod podge for so many other DIY projects. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorites that I think you will enjoy! Please make sure to PIN the main post or from each source post and not individual images in this post. Enjoy.

Painted Furniture Makeovers with Mod Podge Decoupage

This little girls vanity was saved from the curb. It was originally spray painted black. After thorough prep, pretty pink paint and napkin mod podge decoupage on the drawers it is beautiful again.

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How pretty is this boldly painted nightstand? The floral print adds a bit of moody color without taking over the piece.  

This gorgeous vanity is transformed from brown to blue. A unique and bold peacock fabric is applied to the drawers with mod podge gluemod podge, mod podge projects, fabric decoupage

Another painted furniture makeover using mod podge to attach textured wallpaper to the drawers and sides for an elegant touch. textured wallpaper decoupage, mod podge glue, mod podge projects

This large china cabinet is given a deep purple paint finish with a creative and colorful fabric backing. The fabric is decoupaged to the inside of the china cabinet making it simply amazing. painted furniture mod podge, fabric decoupage, china cabinet decoupage, mod podge projects

A leather top buffet is given a makeover with the WOW factor hiding inside. Find metallic silver wallpaper patterns added inside the cabinet using mod podge glue for that special WOW factor. metallic wallpaper decoupage, mod podge, mod podge projects, furniture makeover

This makeover is a little different than the previous. Along with paint and decoupage, the desk is given a complete glitter top using fine glitter and mod podge. If you have ever wanted to add that sparkly bling to a project you can certainly make it happen.

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Mod Podge Crafts and Smaller Project Ideas

These super easy coasters are made using gold leaf, mod podge, and tissue paper. How fun! mod podge projects, diy coasters, mod podge

Make your own DIY garden markers for your fruits, veggies and anything else you plan to grow. mod podge, garden markers, mod podge glue, mod podge crafts

You can even make your own vintage style wooden Christmas ornaments with a bit of wrapping paper and mod podge. 

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DIY Photo Canvas from Lovely Etc.  mod podge, mod podge image, mod podge canvas

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Mod podge projects and endless ideas. Create decoupage furniture makeovers with mod podge glue or unique upcycles with mod podge. #modpodge #modpodgeprojects #modpodgedecoupage #whatismodpodge

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  1. I love all that you. I wish that I had a setup to experience the adventure and fun to work on different projects.

    1. thank you Marian. Some projects can be done outside or at a kitchen table. Sometimes the best ones are the small ones. I need to do some more smaller projects myself lol 🙂

  2. Love the sea bottles tutorial. I like the colour it is painted with.

  3. I love Mod Podge crafts, there are some great ideas here. Thank you for including my fabric Mod Podge mirror.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my earrings! So many fun projects; I love Mod Podge!

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